How to Start Earning Via Digital Marketing Even If You Have No Money. This is our today’s topic which I have come up in this post. I am Neeraj Vijay, an entrepreneur and a digital Marketer.

Let’s start first of all if you wish to earn from Digital Marketing you need to learn Digital marketing. This is the first step and you can start by learning through YouTube videos. You need to give and dedicate time and follow and grab things which are instructed there. First of all start up with blogging. Now you will think for blogging you need to have a website and hosting which requires money. Isn’t it. But it is not so as there are various free websites which you can use for creating your blog such as blogspot, free wordpress,,, etc where you can create your free website or blog. You need to write content on your expertise area after doing good research on the topic. Content should be written with the motive to give useful information to the users. If you follow this strategy your free website or blog will rank and appear on search results (SERP). You can learn from youtube how to rank your website. As soon as your free website or blog appears in search results you can use ad-sense and affiliate marketing products on your blog. Yes these are the two ways by which you can monetize your blog and earn money from it. Just think you created a free website and started earning through it.

Secondly you can start with affiliate marketing. Yes, for affiliate Marketing you can select any product and create its website on the above mentioned free websites and promote affiliate products. Now from where you can find products? There are affiliate networks such as CJ and Clickbank. You can sign up there and select a product from there and do its affiliate marketing after researching well on any product and writing reviews on it. Or you can also create a YouTube channel where you can create videos on that particular affiliate product and place links to the product for affiliate marketing. So you can provide free but valuable content and you can promote on YouTube absolutely free. If you want to earn through affiliate marketing then you can create your free website and place affiliate links over there or you can also create channels on YouTube and place affiliate links on your channel and earn through affiliate marketing.


Apart from these, you can also earn through freelancing. Yes you can create your account on and provide services and earn from there. As your profile gets optimized you will get orders and you will start earning through freelancing. You can also earn website designing and earn online. Yes you can learn wordpress website designing through youtube. But you need to show dedication and learn without any guidance. If you have capability, dedication and hard working then you can learn wordpress web designing and earn online. So you can earn without investing any money through free websites and providing website designing services. There are various free resources on the net such as by creating free websites, blogs, freelancing, affiliate marketing and earning online without any investment.


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