Do you want to start your online business? Do you want to start up your online business within 60 days without any office or employees? This was the same question that came to my mind some 15 years back and believe me I did not have any experience regarding online business marketing. Unfortunately I could not make through Campus selection of my College. But today I am a leading Digital Marketer and have a great fame among the Digital Marketing Segment. I don’t need any introduction, I am Piyush Jain and quite popular as a Digital Marketer. However the entire journey was not at all an easy phase and neither my success was not God gifted. It took a journey of 15 years of hard work, commitment and an attitude to fight up against all odds without giving up. All these gave me the power of Digital Marketing and as a result I mastered the craft and skills of Digital Marketing.

Now let’s come back to our topic that is How to Start an online business within 60 days. Yes it is easy, believe me one can easily start business in 60 days and you don’t need any product or services for that. The only thing you need is to understand how Digital Marketing works. Once you get the basic understanding of Digital Marketing you can start your online business even without any product or service. Yes, you can just start selling someone else’s product and start earning revenues out of it. This can be a very big business online. You can use Digital Marketing to start any business online and grow it exponentially. Actually Digital Marketing has a wider scope and perspective. It can be used for increasing visibility of the product, for branding of the product, its sales, leads converting into sales. Digital Marketing is the right tool that is used to accomplish any online business.

If we discuss Digital marketing, there are many modules of Digital Marketing if you search online. Actually in real terms Digital Marketing consists of 6 main modules or stages. The first Stage of Digital Marketing is visibility. Visibility to be seen and recognized by customers is very important for your product or services. Products which you want to sell should be visible to your audience or users. Next or second stage of Digital Marketing is to target an audience. The audience who are actually interested in your product and services. When the audience gets in touch with your product or services online, you need to interact with them and try to engage the audience as the next process of Digital Marketing. Once you have successfully created engagement, then there will be conversion or in lay man’s language users will buy your product. When the product is purchased online, then you need to analyze each factor and measure everything such as how much expenditure was incurred by you on the product, how the traffic and leads were generated, how the business performed. This is the measurement of Digital Marketing. These six steps or processes constitute Digital marketing and the entire Digital Marketing cycle gets completed.

So we have an offer for you as we have started an online Digital Marketing Course with 23 Modules. And all these modules are designed in such a way that once you move from module one and reach to module 2, you create a small part of your business. After completion of each module of Digital Marketing, your entire online business will be created and not only that you will also get a complete understanding of online business and how Digital Marketing actually works as a system to generate online business. This will lay a strong foundation of Digital Marketing within you and will make you a better Digital Marketer and successful entrepreneur. So hopefully you will join our Digital Marketing Course to start your online business. So will meet you in our next blog on Digital Marketing tips. Thanks for reading.