It doesn’t matter how cautious users are with their Android phone, there is a great possibility of losing a smart-phone. It usually happen when we drop our phone while traveling or fall victim of pickpocket. No one want to lose their Android phone but if it happens with you then you have the option to know the location of Android phone by tracking its phone number.

Thanks to the latest technology which provide many tracking services and apps. With the help of these services one can track mobile number location on Android. Here we will discuss about such services which help you to track location of your Android phone mobile number.

Find My Device

Find My Device app is introduced by Google and it is one of the must have app for Android users. If user have added Google account on the android phone, Find my device app automatically turns on. So once you install the app on your Android device, you can track it as long as the device is on and connected with Internet. To make this app run in your device, go through the following steps :

  • First of all you have to open your phone Settings
  • Then select security and lock screen feature
  • After that click on device administrator
  • Mark box near to Find My Device app

In order to track your device using Find my device app, you have to open browser in any device and then visit in. If your device is turned on, you can easily locate it with the help of this app. With the help of this app you can not only track location of Android phone, you can also erase its data or lock the phone for further use.

Lost Android

Lost Android is another important application to find lost Android device. It offers number of features such as ability to forward message to lost phone, email to the phone inbox or you can also send message directly from computer. It also allow user’s to activate remote control alarm which rang your phone even it is in silent mode. Like Find my device it also allow data from lost Android device and display a pop-up message which warn the thief to return your device.

Whether you want to track down lost Android phone, or want to know location of a criminal, there are plenty of apps and services available which allow you to locate mobile number location on Android.

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