In this post, we are going to discuss ChatGPT and how it can be used for Affiliate Marketing to earn Lakhs of money online. ChatGPT is an online platform which can be used to chat and generate content on any keyword. Yes, you read it right. Now without wasting any more time let’s straight away move to the ChatGPT to know exactly how it works.

Watch This video to know more details for the same

First of all, you need to browse Then you have to go to the login option at the bottom of the website. So you can either log in with your email or also there is an option to sign up with your Google. Once logged in, users need to click on the chatGPT option and then they need to click on the Try option. Then you will be redirected to ChatGPT. Sometimes if the site is busy users will get a message to try again later. Once logged in users will come across such an interface of ChatGPT. Now we need to find a highly searched keyword that should be a long-tail keyword with low competition. Such keywords are common in the health and weight loss niche. so let us search the keyword 7 ways to lose weight at home for housewives. This is a long-tail keyword which is also explored. We will use this to find related searches for micro niches also. For this, we will use a keyword tool that

As soon as this keyword is searched on this tool you will get various related searched keywords  

  • 7 ways to lose weight at home for Housewives
  • These are the related longtail keywords as micro niche
  • ways to lose weight at home without equipment
  • fast ways to lose weight at home exercises
  • easy ways to lose weight at home without exercise
  • exercises to lose weight at home in 7 days
  • how much weight can a woman lose in 7 weeks?
  • lose weight in 7 days at home
  • housewife diet
  • exercises to lose weight at home without equipment
  • exercise plan to lose weight at home without equipment

Now we will copy the keyword and go to ChatGPT and type there write a blog on “easy ways to lose weight at home without exercise“. Now in this way, we will get an article on this keyword. Now we can also elaborate by selecting and writing more points on eating healthily. There will be no dearth of content and one should not miss ChatGPT for writing content.

This will generate an article on this topic. But this is AI-based content so we will convert it to human-based so that there is no plagiarism. Now we will make a word document by copying the entire content. Thus our article is ready. So we can elaborate on other points if needed. Now we will check the content on We will use an article rewriter and paste the content so that it gets converted to Human based. We will check the content on another site GPT-2 Output Detector Demo

If you use the content written by ChatGPT it will be duplicate so when rephrased it will be 99.9 % real. So we have to use paraphrased content. So now we will post this article with our affiliate link. We will use an affiliate link from Digistore24, Clickbank. So we have added our affiliate link on and created a bridge page. So now this link is to be promoted in the Article.

So the article can be posted on with the affiliate link. Medium is an excellent site for ranking articles and posts. Similarly, we can also post it on Quora and publish it. For Quora, we need to create a post and use the content as a Story and add a link in the last and post it. So you can use ChatGPT for posting articles on Medium and Quora and earn money online.

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