Welcome friends, How are you all ?  I am Piyush Jain. In this video post we are going to explain about SSL Certificate and how to implement it on our Word press website?

This is the second video post of our WP audit and if you have not watched the previous video post then you must go through the previous one to understand it as it is the part of the same series and you need to understand it. Let’s begin our tutorial. What is SSL? Literally SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. For example, if we open any website such as www.semsols.com. This request goes to the server first and data which is stored on the server is fetched back to your browser.

This creates a temporary path between the website server where the website is hosted and your browser and data is transferred through this path. All websites and browsers work in a similar manner. If HTTPS is implemented on your website then https will appear in the URL and if it’s not implemented it will appear as http. Earlier the data transfer was normal using http and there was scope of hacking of data. But now https is used and is now made mandatory by Google to implement HTTPS on the website to maintain the data of customers and users secure. Also know about GMB Ranking Factors here.

Is your Website SSL Certified ?

If your website is HTTPS implemented, you can find a secured notification with a green padlock. This indicates that the site is secured for any transactions. If HTTPS is not implemented on site, it will not give secured notifications. For example if you open any website on Chrome in which HTTPS is not implemented, it will soon start giving messages to users that this site is not secured. As a result users get panicked and exit the website. So Google advises website owners to implement and ensure that the website must be HTTPS certified. It is quite easy to convert HTTP to HTTPS and it is totally free. For this we have created a video and you must watch on how to convert http to https.

In this video post let us explain what HTTPS is? What is SSL? and why should it be implemented on websites? Let us go in detail. Suppose if we open semsols.com on our browser. This request first goes to the server where our semsols site is hosted. The data is fetched back from the server to the browser.

Previously when it was HTTP, hypertext transfer protocol was used. But now when HTTPS is used it creates a secured layer as a path just like a fence and there is no scope for accessing, hacking, manipulation of data packets. So if we implement it on a website, Google will know that we are focusing on the security of our website as well as data of our customers that should be secured. Therefore, Google will provide better rankings to websites with HTTPS as compared to HTTP sites.


  • HTTPS Increases Google Rankings

  • It ensures improved Security

  • Updated Browser Labels: The label of the browser shows secured notification with a green padlock symbol. If it’s not https, no secured label is displayed.

  • Increased Conversions: Customers will prefer to purchase or transact from HTTPS Certified Secured Sites as compared to Non HTTPS sites.

  • Increased Customer Confidence: The label of the browser shows secured notification with a green padlock symbol. If it’s not secured, the confidence level of the customer goes down. If it’s secured, the confidence level increases and so will the conversion rate. As a customer, confidence level matters a lot while making any purchase or transactions from such sites. So it is important to have HTTPS on websites.

One must ensure to have an SSL certificate installed on their website and also make sure that the non-secure (the HTTP version) of the website gets redirected to the secure https version. Also if your old domain or any website was http earlier which was crawled or indexed by Google and now its HTTPS, so you need to redirect it to HTTPS. This has been explained in my previous video to fix Canonical URLS. You can refer to it. If you have not implemented HTTPS in your WordPress site you need to convert it to HTTPS. I hope you must have liked this post and now must be aware about what is https and why to implement it on your website? Do like, share and subscribe to our channel. If you have any questions do ask us. IF you want to learn Digital Marketing then you must join our Digital Marketing Zero to Hero Course with Practical 30 Days Ranking Challenge as Internship. On this note I am concluding my post. Will come with a new post as always. Thank You!