Welcome friends, how are you? Today I am going to discuss about Job opportunities for BCA students.

Yes if you have done a BCA course then what will be the job opportunities for BCA students. We all know that BCA is most popular as a course and is being taught in many of the Universities and colleges. The best part is that you don’t need to spend much for pursuing a BCA course. This is a perfect course for those who want to make their career in IT Industry and Computer field. If due to any reasons you were not able to do B.Tech or Computer Science then BCA is a perfect course that will give you an opportunity to enter into the IT Industry. But can it provide you a good job? Actually only having a BCA degree will bring you closer to the IT Industry but cannot guarantee a job. If you are quite lucky after completing your BCA degree, you will get a job as a Data Entry, call center, BPO but not more than that. There are various college placements where BPO will come for campus selection. They will provide jobs related to data entry and I am not talking about such job opportunities.

In order to find perfect career growth and job opportunities, you need to have skill enhancement. There are various ways to add up skills to your career such as you can learn graphics, Corel Draw and you can get a job of Graphic Designer, career in printing. IF you have learned tally then you can find accounting related jobs. But you need to know what is the career growth even after learning these add on courses. What would be your salary after 2 years. You won’t earn much. You won’t be able to get more than 10-15 k. So which course should be done to enhance your career skills with enhanced career growth. If you do Digital Marketing course and complete Internship in Digital Marketing and then you join some company then your career growth will be maximum.

Let me share my experience. I completed my Graduation in BIT. BIT and BCA is a common course of 3 years with all papers in Computers. This was around 12 years ago and I had an option to go for MCA or join some job. I did a digital Marketing course for 2 months and then I joined a Software Company. As a trainee I joined there for 6 K salary and I worked there for 3 years. When I left my job, my salary was 1 Lac. So you can well imagine the level of growth Digital Marketing will give you and enhance your career. I would suggest you to join Digital Marketing Course with Internship and enroll for MCA with Distance Learning. Then join any Company and work for 2 -3 years to gain experience and by the time your MCA will get completed and you will have a Degree and then you can see the growth and career enhancement skills. Digital Marketing is a very big umbrella with various fields such as SEO, Link builder, Social Media, Content Marketing, Drop Shipping, Website Designing, E-Commerce as full fledged job opportunities. The best thing is that you can go to job portals and find jobs for freshers as well as experienced Digital Marketers and see the salary packages for jobs.

We have our own Digital Marketing Company today, so you can also gain experience in the Digital Marketing field and can open your own Company. So I would suggest going for long term goals in Digital Marketing. If you want to join Digital Marketing then you can join an online course as well as offline course in Digital Marketing. We also provide online courses as well as Digital Marketing Course in Patna which is a classroom based course. We also provide full time Internship to those students who have completed an Online Digital Marketing Course. We also provide 30 days Internship as a 30 Days Ranking Challenge where one can easily gain and implement practical skills in Digital Marketing. So if you want you can join Our Digital Marketing course at Semsols. So if you have any query related to Digital Marketing you can ask us we will reply in the comment section to all such doubts and questions. So if you like this video do share and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. So let’s meet in the next video. Thank You!