Digital Marketing Internship is it important? Is Digital Marketing Internship important for those who have learned Digital Marketing Course?

Hello friends, in the current time and scenario many people are focusing themselves to upgrade their skills. Digital Marketing is one platform where there is so much to learn whether its online or offline platform. There is great demand for Digital Marketing Globally all over. But there is a big question mark: whether you are able to implement whatever you have learned in the Digital Marketing Course? Kindly read this post till the very end to know the answer and I will tell you how you can practically implement your Digital Marketing Skills. Friends I am Neeraj Vijay an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer. The Digital Marketing course which you have theoretically studied, have you implemented it practically? If your answer to this question is No, then you are committing a big mistake. To study theory part and implementing it practically is two different things altogether. If you study only the theory part of Digital Marketing and do not implement it practically then you cannot understand how to structure Digital Marketing Campaigns. Whether its a SEO campaign, paid advertisement campaign, organic social media campaign or whether its YouTube campaign. If you are studying these things theoretically, then you must also know how to implement these things practically.

Unless and until you will implement Digital Marketing practically how will you come to know about the Digital Marketing cycle which you studied during Digital Marketing theory course. When you implement the Digital Marketing theory part practically then you will know and see the results of the Digital Marketing Campaign or results on your site step by step. After reading the theory part, when you will go for a job interview, and suppose they will ask questions as to what strategy was applied for getting ranking to your website. Unless and until you will not do Internship you can’t learn what changes are needed on live site to rank it on Google. What are the different strategies that are used for On-page optimization.? What is off page ? These things will get cleared only if you implement it practically. You will have to work on bringing traffic to your website. Apart from these, you will come to know how to run social media handles, work on Google ads, YouTube marketing etc. If you do an internship in any Affiliate Marketing Company then you will come to know and learn about affiliate marketing practically. If you learn practically then only you can understand and grow your confidence level. You also get practical knowledge on how to handle and work on any project. If you are a part of Internship then you can understand your role in how to perform any task within a stipulated time frame. How to complete any work and meet deadlines. These things will make you more confident to face and crack interviews.

So it is very important to learn Digital Marketing Course and implement it practically. So this is only possible through Internship. So after practically implementing your skills you will get an edge and can quote these skills on your work profile and resume. Obviously, you will get an edge over freshers as you have an experience of working on these projects practically. You will also get better perks and wages as part of your salary as compared to freshers. Let’s get to a bigger issue whether you are learning Digital Marketing using an online or Offline platform, there are very few companies or Institutes that would offer an Internship for Digital Marketing. But we have a solution to this issue. We are a Digital Marketing Company and have been ruling the Industry for the last 15 years. We have our Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero with Internship program. So we have also designed our internship in such a way that you can join it even if you have learned a Digital Marketing course from some other Institute.

So you can easily get enrolled in Our Internship program. This is a 30 day Internship program where you will get a task to be performed for each day. You will also get a video with detailed instructions on how to perform that task. You need to complete the task and submit it on our Inner Circle of Facebook group. This way you can complete the Internship with 30 days Challenge. When you perform all the tasks day wise within 30 days, you will be a Digital Marketing Expert.


We have divided our Internship program in 4 phases. First phase consists of Keyword Research, On-page factors, Content writing, website designing and how to design posts and pages. Second phase consists of off page activity. All the tasks will be related to off page work and how to implement it for your website. Third phase consists of Social Media Optimization and fourth phase will teach you how to create and edit videos and how to promote your business through videos. When you complete all these 4 phases of Internship, you will learn Digital Marketing practically and you will be awarded with a Digital Marketing Certificate by Semsols. So if you are learning Digital Marketing course and want to join our Internship program then you are most welcome to get enrolled in our 30 Day Internship program. You will get to learn Digital Marketing practically within 30 days. You will get detailed videos, tasks, and a PDF workbook which you can fill and see your progress easily. If you have any queries related to Digital Marketing you can write to us. I hope those who really wish to learn Digital Marketing will join our Internship program. So let’s meet in a new post with a new video till then Thanks!