Have you checked your Homepage of the website or Domain ? Whether it’s categorized as malicious?

Free Tool – Test Now

We must check our landing page whether it’s malware free before sending traffic to it. Many times users don’t realize that their homepage of the webpage is categorized as malicious and they have started sending traffic on the homepage. As a result the site fails to open and gives an error message such as this site is malicious. This prevents the homepage from opening and visitors cannot access it.

So users need to check their website using a free tool. There is a very good free tool of McAfee with the following URL https://trustedsource.org/. In the side nav, you will get the option to check Single URL. You need to select and click on it. Within the drop down category option, users need to select McAfee Real-Time Database. Then users need to type their Domain Name. Finally you need to check the URL. You will get the result and under which heading it is categorized. If its categorization is Marketing/Merchandising then it means it’s not malicious.

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