Hello friends, I am Neeraj Vijay and I am into the business of Digital Marketing for the last 15 years. Do you know you can earn 50000 to 2 lacs monthly easily by writing articles and submitting it on websites?

Yes, in this video post I have come up with some easy tips to explain how to write quality articles easily. I will explain 6 ways how to write articles and will give the list of websites. Even if you do not have very written English then also you can write quality articles and submit articles on the websites which I am going to give the entire list of 101 sites where you can submit articles and earn from $50 to $ 3000 per month. All you have to do is give 15 minutes of your time to write, draft and proofread the article and submit it on the site to generate money online even if you are fresher. Lets see the list of websites where you need to write and submit articles.

If you are new to our channel then kindly subscribe to our channel by pressing the bell icon so that you receive the latest notifications for new videos on how to earn money online. Also like, share our videos to your friends and relatives so that they can also learn how to make money online. So I am going to share the entire list on my Laptop. Get Paid to Write: 101 Sites that Pay you $50-$3000 per Blog Post. So lets see the categories on which you can write and submit articles.

Sites That Pay You to Write about Vacation/Travel. So if you have interest in traveling and vacation you can write on this.

Now next there are Sites That pay You to Write About General Interest.

So you can write general articles for this category if you wish. Next is Sites that pay you to write about Short Stories. If you want to write about short stories you can select this category.

Next are the sites that pay you to Write About Politics, News & Entertainment. So if you have interest in this category you can definitely write. As you can see The Christian Science Monitor and earn upto $200 – $225 per post. Then there is Category of Jokes, You can write about Education, Religion, Special topics, Business & Money, Parenting, Life Style, Local Stuffs, Sports & Outdoors, DIY Articles, iPhones and Mobile Phonesweb Hosting etc. At last you can see there are altogether 101 websites where you can earn $50-$3000. So let us see some of the article sites on how to write and submit articles.

Let us open one article and see what its requirements are. How to write and submit articles on this site. Vibrantlife.com is one of the sites. You need to read the rules and regulations of this site. As a bonus I am giving one free article so that you can know how articles can be written for this site. Writer’s Guidelines is mentioned where you need to read the complete section for getting articles approved. There are complete 101 websites where you can post articles and earn online.

Lets Us Explain the 6 methods for Writing Unique Article of your Niche without much effort

1. Google Translate

Open translate.Google.Com

As an example I am selecting Niche How To Lose Weight and select the language close to English. Suppose dutch language. This will be translated and search it on Google. So you will get Top websites in Dutch Language. So you can translate an article to English and save it on document. Do not copy the entire word by word. Make some changes, proof read and rectify any mistakes and then translate it to English so that it should be unique.

2. Quora

Yes Quora is a platform where you can ask questions. There is a lot of free content from different users on Quora. Now search the keyword how to lose weight in the search box. This will fetch results of Questions and Answers. Copy some of the paragraphs of various answers and save it on your word file. You need to pick one para of each answer and reshuffle it so that your article should be unique and not copied one. Reshuffle para and proofread by making some changes to make it unique.

3. Internet Archive

Old sites are saved as Archive and You need to search the Wayback Machine on Google. The first site is archive.org. You need to search ebooks on this site and in this you need to search how to lose weight and download 3-4 ebooks from there and copy 3-4 paragraph form there and restructure the articles.

There are 3 steps for writing Articles.

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Proof Reading

Research and reading is excluded and we are just doing proofreading and drafting to make it easy for you. This is one of the best way for articles.

4. Free Articles

you need to search free articles on Google. You will get many websites with free articles. Ezinearticles.com is one of the article sites. Open it and search how to lose weight in its DB. So you need to copy some para from different articles and proofread it by making some changes so that it should become unique.

5. Google Docs

Open Google Docs and click on blank. Go to Tools and select voice typing. Give access to a microphone. IF you have interest in any topic or niche you can speak on it and it will be written word by word as automatic typing by Google Docs. This was the 5th method for writing articles.

6. Fiverr

Sign up on Fiverr and sign up. You can purchase and get articles written for paying a very nominal charge and get your article written. After signing in you can go to services. Sort budget and hire writers for your article.

Now you can use the above methods for getting your article and can submit it on the 101 websites and earn money easily. Friends, I hope you have seen the complete video and read the post. You have seen the 101 list of websites and came across the entire category. You need to read the guidelines on the sites for getting articles approved after submission. You can find one free article in description for that you need to comment and write it to me. The more comments I receive , I will add a free article as a sample in the description part. Follow the method to write , proofread , draft articles. You do not have to research and write articles, instead only you need to proofread and draft articles for writing unique articles. This is a tried and tested way to write unique articles to earn money. In case if you find any problem do write in the comment section.

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