In the year 2006, OLX was founded as a global online marketplace, and is the largest online classified ads company in India, along with other countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, and Poland. OLX also provides local communities in high-growth markets with vibrant online marketplaces. Aside from all these it also connects local people to buy, sell or exchange used goods and services enabling people to post a listing through their mobile phone or on the web. Further, in aspects to it, OLX is also active in over 105 top countries with strengths in Latin America and Asia, supporting over 40 languages. It has more than 125 million unique visitors per month worldwide and is generating up to one billion page hits per month. Thus, the company’s unique website allows users to design and personalize advertisements and display them in their social networking profiles. OLX has put them in the big data analytics realm.

Key Points For OLX Uses Analytics For Better Customer Experience

Business Challenge: It mainly deals with targeting the customers for better using advanced analytics. Also, control and enhance the data warehouse for better results and thus allow OLX users to visualize the data in real-time without letting them face technical difficulties.

Solution Proposed: Now the OLX has turned to Pentaho for help. Pentaho, in turn, tasked Datalytics to help OLX in a manner to create the optimal solutions to load, extract and transform data pulled from all across the world and to create an improved data warehouse. Now, it can easily pull data from sources like Google Analytics into a single data warehouse. Moreover, the data analytics then migrated all its data to a columnar style database. Mondrian and Pentaho Data Integration helped in doing this data-migration.

Business Benefits: OLX customers can now easily create and interact with easy reports on various key business metrics. It focuses on improving its analytics and data integration capabilities without wasting time building a new internal data warehouse. The customers of OLX are now able to market and strategize better using OLX’s unique website that offers OLX better brand value.

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