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Best part of this course is that as you complete each module, you will creating a part of your online business. Once you finish the course you online buisness will be ready…

Want To Be An Expert Digital Marketing in Next 3 Month ?

Would more, high paying Job help to fulfil your desire?

Would more, better-engaged traffic help grow your business?

How to build a real, loyal audience of followers?

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by the thought of digital marketing… but know it’s something you have to do if you really want to succeed?

If so, then you’re going to LOVE the Digital Marketing Course that’s changing online marketing for good!

My name is Piyush Jain.

This is my personal invite for you to join something I call The Digital Marketing Course – Zero To Hero…

Because you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then I know something about you…

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS…

You have a story and a message that needs to be heard…

And you know the right way to do that is with Digital Marketing!

You are just 23 Steps away from your Dream Job or Your online Business

Our Digital Marketing Course – Zero To Hero Covers All 23 Modules. It has been Structured and designed to give you complete information on Digital marketing. Each Modules in Each self is a Course. The Style of Teaching is in such a manner that you will understand each minute concept of each module. Each Module has been Divided in to Sub sections as different chapters and is dealt in detail. The best part is , You can re watch any chapter any time till you understand it completely.

Module 1: Introduction To Digital Marketing Course
  1. What Is Digital Marketing
  2. Traditional Vs Digital Marketing
  3. Traditional Vs Digital Marketing Explained Example
  4. How Digital Marketing Helps Business To Grow
  5. How Digital Marketing Is Implemeted
  6. Scope Future Of Digital Marketing
  7. Digital Marketing Process – Overview
Module 2: Website Planning & Creation using WordPress
  1. Introduction To Website Plannning
  2. Different Types Of Websites
  3. Understanding Website Terminology And Purchasing Domain Name
  4. Getting A Hosting / Server
  5. What Is Nameservers & How To Change In Your Domain Name Control Panel
  6. How To Install New WordPress Site
  7. How To Create Email Address Of Your Own Domain Name
  8. How To Customize Themes
  9. Create Pages Posts Categories & Tags
  10. What To Do After WordPress Installation
  11. How To Use Divi Theme To Design A Website
  12. Convert Website From Http To Https
  13. What Is Payment Integration
  14. How To Write Content For A Website
  15. Website Planning 1
  16. Website Planning 2
  17. What Is Whois ? What We Know With Whois
Module 3: Email Marketing
Introduction To Email Marketing
Dive Deep In Mailchimp
What Is Audience In General & In Mailchimp
Creating And Publishing Normal Website Form
Creating And Publishing Pop-ups On Our Website
How To Integrate Email Marketing Data In Google Analytics
How To Increase Open Rates Of Emails
How To Increase Click Rates Of Emails
How To Change Email Id In Your Mailchimp Campaign
Create Newsletter In Mailchimp
How To Create Auto Responder & Its Importance
Module 4: Lead Generation through Digital Marketing Campaigns
How To Design Landing Pages
Lead Generation Landing Page
A Good Landing Page
Designing A Landing Page Using Mailchimp
What Is A B Testing
Module 5: Google Adwords (Search Engine Marketing)
Google Adwords Overview
Organic vs Paid click
Google Adwords PPC – Pay Per Click
Google Adwords Algorithmn
Adwords Search Campaign Setup & Analysis
Analyze Your PPC Competitiors
How To Select A Right Campaign Type
Target Right Audience
Determine Your Bids & Budgets
6 Tips To Write Effective Ads
Choose Profitable Keywords
Advance Campaign Settings
Google Display Ads
Module 6: Google Analytics
Analytics Overview – What Gets Measured Can Be Improved
Analytics Offsite – Spyfu & SimilarWeb
Analytics Accout Setup Installation & Adding Code On Our Website
How To Setup Enable Data Collection Option
How To Setup Goal & Track Your Conversion
Analytics Filter Internal Traffic
Analytics Set Custom Alert
Google Analytics Annotation
4 Pillars Of Analytics To Grow Your Business
Audience Age Interest Report
Audience Report Geo Technology Report
Acquisition Best Hour Day Report
Acquisition Campaign Tagging
Acquisition Google Ads Searchtool
Behaviour Report
Conversion Report
Module 7: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What Is Seo Introduction
Search Engine Working – Indepth
Overview Of Search Engine Optimization 
Relevance CTR – Click Through Rate
What Is Keyword
How To Do Keyword Research
Brainstorm Keyword Ideas
Narrow Down Keyword list
How To Install & Use Moz Toolbar in Chrome
What Is PA & DA
How to Implement Seo for our websites
What is On Page Seo
What is Title Tags & How To Write Title Tags
On Page Seo Url Structure – Which Seperator is Best
On Page Seo Description – How to Write It
On Page Seo Image Search – How To gain Traffic From Image Search
On Page Reduce Bounce Rate
On Page Out bound Inbound Links
Header Tags Magic
On Page Longer content With Social Signal
On Page Schema
Module 8: Link Building From Basic To Advance
Introduction To Link Building
Analyze Competitiors To Find BackLinks Fast
How To Get More Quality Links
How To Build Authoritive Link Using Crowd Source
Link Building Bonus Tips Using Web2.0
Advance Tiered Link Building – Antidoe For Your Website
PBN – Private Blog Network – Plan To Be at Top
Module 9: Google My Business (GMB) - Local Business
Introduction To GMB
3 Reasons Why GMB Is Important
What Is NAP
Reviews & Reviews – Importance & How To Get
GMB Account Setup
GMB Live Dashboard
Ranking Tips To Outrank Your Competitor
Module 10: Google Webmaster
What Is Google Search Console & Why To Use It
How To Add Website In Search Console & Dashboard Overview
Google Webmaster Dashboard-in Depth
Module 11: Facebook Marketing
Why Facebook Marketing Is Important For Your Business 
Facebook Value Proposition & Marketing Goal
4 Steps To Gain 1000 Organic Likes For Your Page
Proven Post Formulas To Drive Engagement
9 Proven Facebook Post Formulas
Build Foundation Of Genuine & Relevant Likes
Find Growth opportunities in 5 Facebook Insight Report
Get in Facebook Ad Manager
Facebook Advertisement Secrets
Bonus – How To Run Ads for Maximum Conversion
Module 12: Linkedin Marketing
7 Reason Why You Need To Create Linkedin Profile
Linkedin Dashboard Overview
Linkedin Groups & Its Importance
Linkedin Company Page
Linkedin Ads
Module 13: Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing – How Twitter Works
Twitter Account Overview – Twitter Dashboard
Get More Retweets – 4 Ways To Get More Retweets
Optimize Your Profile
Cross Polinate Your Twitter Account
Use Of Hash Tags
Module 14: Youtube Marketing & Making money from youtube ads
Youtube Why This is Important For Your Business Or Product
Youtube Marketing Strategy – Searchability & Discoverability
Youtube Watch Time Is Golden For Your Ranking
Subscriber’s are Critical For Your Youtube Growth
What Your Need To Create Video’s on Youtube
Youtube Account Setup & Optimization
How to Find Untapped Youtube Keywords
Youtube Video Format for Sure Success
Youtube Seo – Rank Your Video To Top
Youtube Thumbnail – Create Eye Catching Thumbnail
Youtube Annotation Cards
5 Ways To Promoted Youtube Videos To Gain Initial Views
5 Youtube Metrics To Measure Video Performance
Youtube Monetization –  Different Types of Money Making Options
Youtube Ads – How to Control Ads Which are displayed on Your Videos
Module 15: Online Display Advertising
What is Orthodox display ads & its Relevancy in Current Senario
Module 16: Content Marketing
What is Content Marketing & Strategy of Implementation
15 Types of Content & Its Marketing 
How To Get Content Idea That Gets Viral on its Own
How to Use a Single Content To Convert it in many Formats
Module 17: Quora Marketing
What & Why Quora Marketing
How To Create & Optimize Your Quora Profile
How To Indentify Question Worth Answering
Bring Traffic Back To Your Website From Quora
Track Quora Traffic In Google Analytics & Measure Conversion
Module 18: Mobile Marketing
What Is Mobile Marketing
What Is Mobile Friendly Websites
What Is Mobile Friendly Emails
What Is Mobile Friendly SMS
Adding Mobile Apps In Your Marketing Strategy
Creating Apps For Money Making
Promotional & Transactional SMS
Module 19: Affiliate Marketing
What Is Affiliate Marketing & How It Works ?
How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners ?
Steps To Start Affiliate Marketing With A Blog
Advance Affiliate Marketing Terminology
Affiliate Marketing Technical Implementation
Take 100% Control Of Your Affiliate Marketing Links
Module 20: Dropshipping
What Is Dropshipping Business
Pro’s & Con’s Of Dropshipping Business
How Dropshipping Business In Implemented Conceptually
How To Bring Traffic For Dropshipping Business
Module 21: E-Commerce Website
What is e-Commerce Business & Websites
Create e-Commerce Websites in Minutes Using WooCommerce Plugin’s
Shopify Vs Woo-Commerce
Check WooCommerce Live Websites
Module 22: Online Reputation Management
What is Online Reputation
How To Know Your Current Online Reputation ?
How To Improve Your Online Reputation ?
How To Handle Negative Customer Reviews Online ?
Module 23: Advance Digital Marketing Strategy
Automate Digital Marketing Strategy to Scale Your Business


Yes! We Provide Online Internship

30 Day Ranking Challenge

30 Day Ranking Challenge is a practical implementation of what you have learned in the digital markrketing course. This is designed as such you will recieve one video everyday which explains how to do a specific acivity & then a task is given. Once you finish all the the tasks for your website then your website will be in the position to rank for the specific keyword.

We are providing you 1 Month Internship Program As bonus with Digital Marketing – Zero To Hero Course

1 Month Digital Marketing Internship Comprise of 30 Day Challenge to Get Your Website Ready for Rankings on Search Engines.

Each Day you will Get A Task Video With all the Process to Follow and Do Your work.

After Completion you will have to Put it In Our Facebook Inner Circle Group.

Via Digital Marketing Internship you will Learn to implement Digital Marketing Practically.

This Makes our Course More Unique and Valuable.


Niche Clarity Course

Niche clarity course will help you understand how to find a niche which is your interest or passion and at the same time it can be monetized.

It’s always important to find a niche or micro niche to become authority in that niche. Once you are an authority people will trust you and go for the solution you provide for their specific problem.

So most important part of your online business is Niche clarity.

Yes, selecting a super micro niche is very important and that you will learn how to get down to. This will also include various exercise to complete to finalize your Niche.


Website Designing Course

Another Bonus with this course is WordPress Website Design.

Yes To implement all your digital marketing skill sets you will need a Website.

So here will train you in designing a website through WordPress.

  • You will get to know all about WordPress.

  • How to install through CPanel.

  • How to Design various modules of the site.

  • How to create post and pages.

  • How to Design the site for SEO

Each modules are covered in detailed and you will learn to create your own site.


Blogging Course

Another Bonus with this course is Blogging Course.

Many of you are interested in starting blog of your own expertise area.

You must have gone through the Niche clarity course and must have finalized your Micro niche.

Now it’s time to create your own blog on that micro niche and become a Blogger.

This course will guide you from A-z of blogging

How to select your domain
How to purchase hosting
How to design your Blog
How to write and structure your first blog post
How to write content for your blog
How to optimize your blog using SEO for rankings
How to Monetize your Blog, what tools you need for blogging.

In this Blogging Bonus Course you will Learn All these things.


Personal Mentorship

When you Purchase the Course
You come under our guidance and mentorship of SEMSOLS.
On weekly basis we will come live and clear all your doubts and queries related to the course for that particular week
We will guide you with course modules and make sure you complete each module.
So personal guidance will always be there for all our students.

Doubt Clearing Sessions Weekly

Personal Guidance : How to Move Forward

Help in Implementing the 30 Days Ranking Challenge on your Website.

Connect Easily to Us with our Private FB group


Inner Circle Support

Apart from that, we have a private Facebook group support.
In that group you can write down your doubts and queries on daily basis.
We will provide support on that group too.
So that you can’t stuck at one place in the course.
The support here is invaluable.

Access to Every student Questions, to learn and grow from their journey.

You can interact with the Digital tribe to know whats going on in the market.

Get Solution for your doubts related to the course.

This Group will act as backbone to your Digital Journey.


Please WhatsApp on 9507036101 (Screenshot + Email Id + Full name + Contact number)
Only for people who enrolled using Google pay, Phonepe or PayTm

For any queries, please get in touch:
Semols Support : 9507036101

Yes! You will Get Dual Certification

You will get dual certification of digital marketing & internship from Semsols Technologies Private Limited. This certificate is recognized by every colleges & comapanies in India & Abroad.


We Provide Placement Assistance

Resume Creation

We at Semsols helps you to create professionaly designed resume. We guide you to what to include & what not to your resume. 

Placement Preparation Training

We provide training for the interview. Question which are asked in the interview & how to answer them. We teach you how to prepare yourself before facing any interview

Semsols Inner Circle Support

Member of a Semsols inner circle means you are part Semsols family. You will get life time support here. We will be there to help you when you are in job. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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A Digital Marketing Course to Build Your Career & Business

Welcome to the Semsols Digital Marketing Course

In the next 90 days, you can become a digital marketing expert. Not only you learn digital marketing but you will learn how to implement all the strategy with our 30 day ranking challenge. This doesn’t end here, we have added bonus course to get your niche clarity, a blogging course and a copywriting course.

Objective of adding all the modules in this course is that we hand hold you to achieve what you want in digital marketing career or your online business.

This is not a course which you do for the sake of doing it. Once you complete all the modules you will have your own online business, other online properties which will help you to become expert in your domain.

This is not a course but a JOURNEY, where you are going to leverage my #1 secret when it comes to ranking websites(that took me years to figure out) – I am going to show how to become fundamentally strong digital marketing expert.

This is what it takes to be a CHANGER and the disrupt what’s happening in your LIFE– and it’s exactly why we are teaching you digital marketing.

The other thing that I truly believe makes someone a challenger in terms of their mindset is this; a manifesto and the principles that has enabled me to do what i do today:

I do whatever it takes.

I believe in my ability to figure things out.

I get things done

I am a leader

I set new standard

I get comfortable with the uncomfortable

I do what I say I’m going to do

I create my own luck

I design my own destiny

I feel proud to be a part of this digital marketing institute. where i have learned how to stand in the crowd and reach the pinnacle of success digitally. Semsols technologies is one of the best institute ….

Vikash Kumar

This institute is very good for all who wants to do digital marketing,what is really digital marketing,i knew after coming here,i did this course and now i feel better.The Teacher of SEMSOLS is very good that’s why it’s a VERY good institute for all.

Shalehin Shaheen

This institute is recommended for the beginners as well as experts in Digital marketing. Our mentors Piyush Jain and Neeraj Vijay have profound knowledge of online marketing.

Abhishek Kumar Rai

Semsols institute is an appropriate platform for a beginner where one can learn basics of Digital Marketing from the experts. I joined semsols after inquiring many digital marketing institutions at Patna because the founder of this institute has been himself a digital marketer for 14 years. Therefore I found it the best platform for the beginner like me.


Looking to get yourself trained in the field of Digital Marketing then I would probably prefer and suggest Semsols which is one of the top-ranked and best one for Digital Marketing Training In Patna. As it is having a great workplace with full-on enthusiastic trainers and team members to learn each and every aspects of digital marketing. Really, Semsols is doing a great job. Thanks!!


Looking For Digital Marketing Class Room Course in Patna

If you are looking for offline class then you can opt from these options. You will trained offline from expert mentors having 15 years of experience in digital marketing field.

Common Question’s

Will I have to go for purchase of any software to run this course? How will this whole system work?

No, absolutely not. We don’t sell any additional resource to run this course. You only need a computer/laptop and you should have internet connection to run this course.

We don’t sell anything in addition. We understand the value of money and that’s why our course in designed in such a way that it will make you expert in Digital Marketing and you will start to earn while working from Home or through job.

All the concepts and methods we teach here are proven business models and we have implemented them in our own business.

We are always there to help you with our support and guidance to build you Digital Marketing career via our course and internship.

We are doing it for you but we expect your dedication, hard work and determination towards your course modules. We want you to complete every module and do as said in the chronological order.

What’s the process of Training?

Once you make online payment, you will get a login Id and Password. Once you login to that teaching platform, you will get course module video. Each module you can study at your pace and convenience. Complete each modules at the given timeframe and take proper action. This will develop all the skills needed to be a good digital marketer.

What’s is the method to access the course material?

Once you buy and signup for the course, you will get your unique use rid and password. You will login online on the platform and you can access each module. You just need a laptop/computer and internet connection to access the course.

Once I sign UP, what will be the time lifetime of the course?

Once you sign up, you can have lifetime access to the course material. You can login and view it anytime you want.

What is the refund policy?

Our course is designed in such a manner that students who are serious, hardworking and dedicated will surely start working for themselves or will get a good job. If you are here to just see the modules and content, then please don’t waste your time and money. We do not provide any refund. We Promise you that this course will make you entrepreneurs if you go through it completely step by step.

Will this course help me in my career or Digital marketing Journey?

We cannot provide any guarantee or income surety. It will all depend on your hard work and dedication to learn the things mentioned in the course. But we want to let you know that these strategies and methods which you are going to get here are proven and we have implemented these in our business model and they are highly successful. So if you are serious no one is going to stop you , except You.

I am not technically sound. Should I go for this course?

Yes, you should go for this course. No technical knowledge is required and secondly our step by step process of study and internship will make you technically sound. We are here for you, to solve your fears and guide you in right direction. What you need is determination and dedication to complete the course along with simple computer literacy.

In what Language Classes will be delivered?

Our Course module is basically designed in Hindi Language with some words used in English. This is easy to understand and learn. You will easily understand each topics. We are here every week live one day to solve you queries and guide you in proper manner. Our step by step training videos will explain every modules in depth.

If I have any doubts, how will it be solved?

We will be online a day in a week to solve your query live. Apart from that you can have the access of Semols Inner Circle Group. You can asso ask your daily question in that private group.


Please WhatsApp on 9507036101 (Screenshot + Email Id + Full name + Contact number)
Only for people who enrolled using Google pay, Phonepe or PayTm

For any queries, please get in touch:
Semsols Support : 9507036101

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Semsols Technologies Private Limited, 3rd Floor, 23 KP Sarkar Road, Behind Dayanand Kanya Vidhalaya, Mithapur B Area, above Saraswati Medical, Patna, Bihar 800001