Hello friends I am Neeraj Vijay, an entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and your Coach.

In the Digital marketing field you need to research on various subjects or fields you want to work upon.

In order to gain knowledge you have to go through various videos, pod-casts and related content which are online. In a similar way I also started my journey of Digital Marketing by watching various videos, listening to pod-casts and reading various articles.


While researching I came across blogs and Pod-casts of Pat Flynn. He is a Digital Marketing Expert since 2008 and has his website as Smart Passive Income using pod-cast and I also read his various articles on Digital Marketing in his personal blog sections. There is a popular pod-cast as How and Where to Get a Blog Audience and How to know about their problems. I really liked this very Podcast of Pat Flynn as it was very informative.

I am going to describe and share some important facts which I found in Pat Flynn’s Pod-casts related to Digital Marketing. The first and most important point which I found was how to know where your audiences are? For this you need to search a bit on Google. Go to Google and Type Blogs : with your Primary Keyword. When you will search you will get various blogs and websites related to your niche. So you can open those blogs and websites which are related to your niche. Carefully analyze the way content is written on those websites and blogs and how they are solving problems related to their audience. You can connect with them by doing guest postings and comments. You can also follow their social media handles to know about their visitors, followers and customers. You will also come to know about what their problems are and their approach. Also how and what are they doing to solve the problems of their audiences. So you can also track that and can similarly build up your audiences too.

Similarly Go to Google.com and Type Forums : Primary Keyword. You will get various forums in the search result listed related to your Niche. You can login to any of the forums related to your niche and can analyze the problems which are discussed by respective members in the forums. You can go through various threads of the forum and can study to know about their problems, issues which they are facing and discussing on those forums as an online platform. You can target those key issues in your blog. This will help you to find your Audience for your blogs easily.

Secondly you can Go to facebook and search your keyword over there. With your Primary Keyword you will get various groups in the search results. You can join any of the groups on facebook and can see and analyze the problems which are stated over there by the group members. You can be a good listener and analyze the problems and can also give or suggest some solution if you can. You can connect with them and pitch yourself on Facebook. Now you can write and use those key issues and target them on your blogs. If you really connect well by solving their key problems, ultimately they will get drawn towards your blog and you will get traffic through facebook as blog audiences.

You can also run facebook ads related to your niche and interest. Running targeted ads on facebook related to your niche will serve the purpose of generating leads. You can generate leads through FB ads through lead magnets or free offer whichever suits you the best. If you get emails you can connect to your audience. Try to make one to one connection by solving and addressing their problems. They will reply to you if you really are able to solve their problems and also you will come to know about what solution they are seeking for. Target those issues in your blog and build your audience and know who your audiences are. This will definitely help to build your audience on your blog and you will get an increased traffic on your blog.

Fourthly, you can use Twitter by searching for the Primary Keyword with #Tag. You will come across listings related to your niche. You can get to know about what are the various tweets which are trending related to your Niche. What are problems and key issues discussed over there. What is the way of discussing their issues on Twitter. You can apply that in your blog and get traffic from Twitter.

Fifth point, you can use YouTube and search related keywords with your niche. Watch various videos with those related to your niche. Watch the popular videos and analyze the way the problems and its solutions are also the quality of video content will give you an idea. You can use similar content for your blog. Go to the comment section of the videos and analyze the problems which are asked in the comment section by the users. Target those pain points in your blogs and this way you can get traffic from YouTube.

Sixth point is Amazon, Yes you can go to Amazon’s eBook section and search for the ebook related to your niche. You will get various ebooks. Go through the content of those ebooks and analyze them. What are the pain points researched by the authors which are used as content in those ebooks. You will get a better idea of how to analyze problems and solutions and you can use similar issues in your blog content.

These 6 points are most important to know about who and how to get an audience to your blog which I discussed in the post above related to Pat Flynn’s Podcast. So if you want to know more about Digital Marketing you can go through his blogs and podcasts. If you also want to learn about blogging in detail or Digital Marketing then we have started a Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero. It is a video course where we have discussed 23 modules of Digital Marketing chapter wise. You can purchase our Digital Marketing Course and read it chapter wise, on a weekly basis we will provide assistance related to your queries and it will be solved online. I hope you will like this post. Good Luck!


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