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In this video we are going to discuss should we provide our personal information while purchasing domain?


Does this information affect ranking of the website on Search Engine?

Should we add a fake address in WHOIS?

What are businesses where it becomes mandatory to provide personal details?

All these topics will be covered in this video post. So let us start our tutorial.

When we purchase any domain name, we provide our personal information but there are various websites that provide options to hide personal information. Actually the Companies such as Name.com, GoDaddy.com or any other registrar companies from where they purchase domains they give their own Company’s information instead of our personal information. So this protects our personal information and visitors do not come to know about our personal details and information. So it depends upon the domain owners whether they want to share their personal details or want to hide it. If you want to know the personal details and information of any website, you can check whois.sc/domain name and then press enter key. You will get all the information of the website as when was the domain purchased, who is the owner, what is the address, contact no. Provided the owner has not hidden the private information. So you have both the options whether you want to hide or unhide private information. There are many registrar companies that offer features to hide private information. Some offer for free, some may take charge for hiding your private information. Some do not charge in the first year but require a fee in the second year and likewise.

Suppose if we hide this information, will it affect Search Engine Ranking? Actually there is a myth that hiding registration information affects ranking of websites on Search engines. Many of the forums and threads have mentioned that hiding of private information means that you are into some fake business and it will hamper ranking. However it is not found to be true. Even John Mueller has tweeted this that hiding of Private Information does not affect Google ranking. This depends totally on the domain owner. Although if you reveal your real information then it will definitely have a good impact upon your customers and visitors that you are running a good business.

Now the question arises whether you want to show your private information or not? Suppose if you are into a business and have a physical address of office, then you can show your private address and information. However, if you are running your business from home then you should not reveal your private information. Many people show fake addresses but this is not correct. Either you can show your original WHOIS information or hide it. But never show a fake address. Suppose if someone complains about your business to your domain registrar if you have fake information then your registrar won’t be able to contact you. You can’t resolve an error which is there on your website and as a result your domain will be snatched from you.

Bottom line: It depends upon you whether you want to hide or reveal your WHOIS information.


  • It won’t affect your Search engine ranking.
  • Never give fake details as WHOIS.
  • if you want you can hide your private information.

This is totally a myth that if your WHOIS information is hidden it will affect websites search engine ranking. If you have any queries related to Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing then do ask us. We will answer you back. If you liked this video, kindly share it among your friends and relatives and subscribe our channel. Let’s meet with a new video till then Bye!