Do you want to earn free income in US Dollars?

Today I have come up with a video on how to earn free without any investment with a step by step guide.

You need to just watch this video and will come to know how to earn online. I will discuss how to find a product and promote it online. You can promote products and earn good commission for the same no matter whichever part of the World you might belong from. You don’t require any skills to earn online through this method. If you are new to our channel, kindly like, share and subscribe to our channel so that you get the latest notifications whenever any new video is uploaded by us on how to earn money online?

Let us begin our Tutorial on how to earn online money. The method which I was discussing is This is a slide share site where slides can be shared. This is a site where there is unlimited traffic and you can also get traffic from this site and earn through it. As you can see there are 6 lacs traffic on this slide, 9 lac traffic and it was uploaded just 9 minutes ago. So you can well imagine even if you get a chunk of traffic to your slides, how much money can you earn? The Traffic is mostly from the US and there is very good buying potential over there. So if you are getting traffic from there you can get a good conversion rate. The maximum traffic is from search terms so you can generate good traffic from SEO Title and Tags on slides which are searched on Google. Many people are earning by uploading free content and free ebooks on this site and they are generating good income.

So let us see how to select any product from I have discussed in my previous post on how to sign-up and create an account on clickbank. Lets login on clickbank and select our 3 best niche for selecting products with our niche as making money, relationship, Health. You can promote any other niche also but I would suggest to go for these 3 niches as it is quite a hot niche and has great demand with a long lasting approach. I am selecting making money online as Niche. We have to select E-Business and Marketing as Category and sort with gravity.

Sorting by Gravity will let you know how many affiliate marketers have sold this product in that week. Now you can see the results by Gravity. The first results which are showing is Perpetual Income 365 Blockbuster business this 2020. If you sell then you would get $194.73 for selling per product which is equivalent to Rs14K to 15 K approx. This is a good amount and if you sell daily even one product you can earn up to 4 lacs per month. So let us learn how to promote products. Let us click on the link of the offer page as this is the landing page. Your job is to land traffic on this particular page. If visitors sign up on their tools page which they are offering for selling then you will get a commission amount. You can select banners, email swipes for conversion and promote it on your site also.

As i told to target ebooks so we need to select a free ebook and offer to our visitors as free content. Free ebook will generate a good amount of traffic. so that they can download it having download link of our landing page with offers and will get converted to sales. SO you can generate ebooks from This is a free site where you can generate ebook. Now open this site. We will select Make Money Online Category and select Intent Marketing Bible. We will download it and save it. Now we need to insert our download link on this eBook.

Now open site and open our ebook as PDF and upload it online. Now you need to generate Hoplink for the clickbank offer page. Now you need to insert this Hoplink by creating a hyperlink on text in any pages or all the pages of Ebook. So when any visitor clicks on this link to download an ebook they will land on the offer page. If they sign up, merchants will convert and our sale will be generated. So this is how our PDF of Ebook is created with our offer.

Now we have to sign up for You can sign up with linkedin, facebook or email. Now I have signed up by linkedin Now we have to upload our PDF file on this site. Now we have uploaded our file and we need to fill up the required details such as Title, Description, Category. Tags as Make Money online, Affiliate Marketing, Earn Money Online, How to Earn Money Online, Clickbank. Now we have published it. So now users can download our ebook and it has a download link of our offer page for which merchants can generate money for every sale. So I hope you have followed the entire step as mentioned in the post. If you have any problem or query you can ask us in the comment section. If you have any query related to your career in Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, How to earn money online do write to us. We will provide a solution for the same. This is a proven method to earn money online.

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