Quitting your Job is Good For your Next Level Growth. Have you ever thought about this? Quitting your job can be beneficial for your growth. Yes you read it right. Today I am going to discuss it in this post. I am Neeraj Vijay an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer.

Friends, when you are in some job you get a fixed amount of income as your salary. People do not want to change the routine or settled life. But have you ever thought whether you are really happy with your job or how much are you really satisfied with your job? I don’t mean that one should quit the job and start doing your own business. There are very few people who would like to quit their job and start a new business by taking risks. However those who take such risks move on to their life and really excel in their business career. They have the capability to switch to new business by quitting up their settled life and the job in which they were in. How can one decide when one should leave their job and switch to some business to take their career graph to top. Let’s discuss some points and it is also applicable for those who are quite happy and satisfied with their jobs.

1. No Advancement

If you are in some job profile and feel that you are stuck in that particular work profile. Every day you go to the office and do the same kind of work time and again. There is hardly any excitement left in your job and hardly there is any new thing to learn. If you find yourself in the same odd situation then you need to think. So you can quit your existing job and find any new job where you can learn some skills to enhance your career growth. If you continue to work there itself then you will get stuck throughout your life. There would be no career growth and neither would your salary grow.

2. Growing Career Skills

The second point is Growing career skills. Yes, If you are working in a Company for many years then there is very limited scope of growth. Since that company works in particular Domain and you cannot learn new skills. For example if We talk about Digital Marketing Field, if you are working as an SEO Profile, you will only learn SEO skills. But there are a lot of domains and expertise in Digital Marketing other than only SEO skills. If you have worked for 4-5 years as an SEO in any Company then you should try to switch to some other Company where you can learn other skills and use your SEO experience in your resume to find and get a new job. In this way you can add new skills in your career growth.

3. Continue Study

Many people are of the opinion that they should study and learn new things in life. Look there is no age to learn things. You can continue your studies throughout your life. In this case also you can quit your job and learn skills through studies. It all depends on how confident you are as a person to quit your job, learn new things and then find some better job in your career. If you are not satisfied with your job, you can quit it and switch to a job with new Technologies, new ideas and concepts which you can come to know about through joining new courses. If you are bored with the same daily routine job life and want to face some new challenges and add new skills in your career then you need to quit your job and switch your career. When you switch to a new Company you will come to know about new things, new skills and you will add advantage to your career. You can add these new skills in your resume that will enhance your personality growth which would have never been possible if you get stuck in the same Company.

4. Take Risk

I would suggest to those who can take risk to quit their job and switch to start their own business. Stop giving more importance to your same old job other than sacrificing your dreams. This is the right time to switch your job and career as this is the Corona phase which has badly hit many sectors. Many people will lose their job so they need not worry and utilize this period to learn something new. Don’t lose your hope and have patience to learn and upgrade your skills and continuously work for accomplishing it. For those who want to start their own business, they can quit their job as there is no right time to quit your job. If you won’t quit now you will continue to remain there forever. So take a decision and plan accordingly to quit your job by stipulated time frame and work for your own business. Failure is a part of learning. If you are afraid of failure then you can never learn new things. As far as your job is concerned, you can find and get a new job anytime but if you do not take action for starting your own business then you will miss this Golden opportunity. The suggestion which you are getting through this post you need to take it as a guidance only. I don’t mean that you should quit your job and start your own work. But there are many people who find themselves stuck in their job profile. If they want to start their new work, switch to a new job then it is very important to make decisions. If you are unable to decide then you cannot progress in life. I hope my post must have guided you.

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