Welcome friends, How Are you all? In this video post we will explain about the URLs of the posts, pages which are created or formed on our WordPress sites whether they are Search engine friendly or not?

This is one of the most important parameters which decides the ranking factor for Search Engines or from SEO point of view. Let me remind you this is my 4th video post of WordPress website Audit of the same series. In my first video post of Audit, I explained all the points for Audit and thereafter I am making separate detailed video posts for each audit point. Also I have mentioned how to fix errors for each audit point. In this video post we are going to discuss SEO friendly URLs. What are things we must keep in our mind while creating URLs for the posts, pages for our WP sites. All these things are managed by Permalink options in WP Site.

In WordPress, there is Permalink aka Permanent Link. When you login wordpress site, you will find the control panel > Settings > Permalink option. This is used for handling url by WordPress.

You need to Check your Permalink Structure inside WordPress. Permalink structure in WordPress handles how WordPress will create the URLs for the posts & Pages. By default you get the Plain option for URL where post or P=123 as id no. So such urls are not SEO friendly and Search Engine do not prefer such urls. We can change as per our needs and requirements. Suppose if you are creating a new site and your post or content is time specific. So you can create a URL with Keyword as Title data, Month as numeric. In maximum cases we create a url with post name as URL. First the domain name will appear followed by the post title in the URL. By default a slash would appear. So as SEO what we do, we go to custom Structure url and remove that slash and save the changes. These are SEO Friendly URLS and can be regarded as a very remarkable tip for SEO. If its new site and new posts are created it is fine but if you have any old domain and you are making changes to the existing post, then your URL will no longer open as all the URLs of the pages and posts will get changed.

So you need to think twice before making any such changes to old and existing URLs.

Warning: Changing your Permalink structure will change the URLs of all of your existing posts which will cause a lot of 404 errors. So we highly recommend that you either perform this step on a new website or create redirections from the old URLs to the new URLs to avoid problems.

So let me show you by logging in. Go to settings, in the Permalink section Go to custom structure and remove slash from the last and save the changes. So this is how URLs are changed and become SEO friendly. I hope you followed and came to know about SEO friendly URLS and how to create the same.

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