Location: Patna  Duration: 2 Week


Complete SEO Training with Top SEO Experts from Internet Marketing Companies. Learn and Implement SEO which actually works and get you results. Take you site to the top of major search engines.

At the end of this course you will have in-depth understanding of how SEO works and how you can increase traffic to any website. Whether you are a fresher or have some experience whatever may be the situation this course will take you through the process, step-by-step process with examples. SEO is not a programming but is is just a set of rules which you have to follow to get your website top ranked.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION CLASSROOM COURSE AT PATNA – Semsols SEO course is the best & most updated course available in Patna. This course is for everyone who wants to rank their site on different search engines. For doing this course you should have the knowledge of website structure.

After completing this course you can rank any sites effortlessly. Ranking a website on search engine is not a easy task but if you follow what we teach you in class then it will a very easy task. Below you will find what we will be teaching you in our course.


Location: PATNA Duration: 2 Weeks

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Welcome
  • What You Will Learn From This Course?
  • Things You Should Know Before Starting The Course

Module 2: Selecting Powerful Keywords

  • Keywords: Is Key To Success
  • Analyzing & Finding Your Main Keywords
  • Find More Keywords Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Using Keyword Analysis Tools
  • Plan The Right Strategy For The Chosen Keywords

Module 3: Preparing Your Search Engine Friendly Site

  • Seo Starts Just As You Start
  • Choosing A Viable Domain Name
  • Choosing The Right Hosting Company
  • Choosing The Right Development Tool
  • Why You Need Mobile-ready Site
  • Https Secure Sites – Becoming Necessity
  • Avoiding Things That Hurt Seo
  • It’s Not Just About Seo
  • Who Is Building The Site?

Module 4: Your First Small Steps

  • Is Your Site Indexed In Search Engine?
  • Why Your Site May Not Be Indexed
  • Understanding The Search Results

Module 5: Understanding The Importance Of Content

  • Content Is Not King! (But It Is Very Important)
  • You Need High Quality Content
  • Creating (Or Buying) Content
  • More Sources Of Content
  • User-generated Content
  • Duplicate Content: Can It Hurt?

Module 6: Basic Page Optimization - "Hidden" Code

  • Urls
  • Title Tags
  • Keywords Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Other Meta Tags

Module 7: Basic ON Page Optimization - "Visible" Code

  • Heading Tags
  • Body Text
  • Images
  • Internal Links
  • Link Blocks

Module 8: Basic ON Page Optimization – A Few More Good Things

  • “What We Do” Paragraphs
  • Robots.Txt & The Robots Meta Tag
  • Html Sitemaps

Module 9: Using Structured Data Markup

  • How Structured Data Markup Can Boost Your Pages
  • Picking a Markup Format
  • Using Markup Tools
  • Customizing Your Google Search Results with Markup
  • Structured Data Markup Increasing in Importance!

Module 10: “Submitting” to Search Engines

  • The (Worthless) “Submit Your URLs” Pages
  • Gotta Have Links!
  • Creating XML Sitemaps
  • Referencing the Sitemap in robots.txt & Pinging the Search Engines
  • Submitting Your Sitemap via Webmaster Accounts
  • Submitting URLs through Webmaster Accounts

Module 11: Submitting to Directories

  • Search Engines vs. Search Directories
  • How Directories Help You
  • Finding More Directories

Module 12: Working with Webmaster Accounts

  • What Webmaster Consoles Do For You
  • Registering Your Site and Submitting Your Sitemap to Google
  • Google Console Setup
  • The Google Console Search Appearance Area
  • The Google Search Traffic Area
  • The Google Console Index Area
  • The Google Console Crawl Area
  • The Google Console Security Issues, Resources, & Settings

Module 13: Using Local-Search SEO

  • Dissecting Local-Search & Map Results
  • How the Search Engines Know Where You Are
  • “Localizing” Your Pages
  • Grabbing Control of Your Business Listing
  • Further “Localization” Techniques
  • Finding Local-Focus Directories

Module 14: You Must Have Links

  • The Most Important (and Difficult) Part of SEO
  • How Google Revolutionized Search with Link Analysis
  • Five Ways Links Help You
  • Two Types of Links: “Real” vs. “Fake”

Module 15: Linking—the Geek Stuff

  • Understanding PageRank
  • Links from: Understanding PageRank
  • Finding Pseudo PageRanks
  • Understanding TrustRank
  • The Anatomy of a Link
  • nofollow Links

Module 16: Designing the Perfect Link

  • Putting Keywords into the Anchor Text
  • More Good Things for Links
  • A “Natural” Link Profile
  • What to Watch For: a Linking Summary

Module 17: The First Places to Get Links

  • The 1st Place to Look: “Low Hanging Fruit”
  • Link Analysis Tools: Who Links to Your Competitors?
  • Performing a Link Analysis with Majestic
  • Social Networking Links
  • Low Value/No Value Links

Module 18: When You Still Need Links

  • Mentioning Your Site in Forums (Be Careful!)
  • Buying Links (Google Always Hates It)
  • The Ideal Link Generation Process: “Link Bait”
  • The Future of Link Building? The PR Model

Module 19: Conclusion

  • What Next fro Here?
  • How to use this Knowledge ?

Your Mentor

Your mentor is having 15 years of experience in search engine optimization also called as SEO. He will be teaching the advance link building techniques like PBN & Tiered Link Building.



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Frequently Asked Question

Which Is The Best SEO Training Institute In Patna?

Semsols Technologies is one of the leading SEO Training Institute that provides the best SEO courses in Patna. It is the most effective result oriented SEO training providers that offers the basic as well as advanced level of SEO training with the live practical projects and hundred percent job placement assistance to the aspirants. Our main mission is to achieve the customer satisfaction by constantly providing the best quality education to the desired candidates to become a successful SEO professionals. We at Semsols are having the most passionate and highly experienced mentors who are always dedicated as well as committed to provide the world class SEO training to the aspirants of this Institute. It also provides online educational training facility to the SEO students around the world. We are the number one SEO training Institute in Patna that can easily boost up the skills with latest technologies in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

What Are The Benefits Of Good SEO Training Courses?

A good SEO training courses can provide you the best job oriented training on writing contents by targeting the keyword in right way, optimizing the structure of webpages and building links to target the websites by some SEO techniques. Yes, there are several benefits of having good SEO training courses which are provided to the students by the Semsols Technologies at Patna. Some benefits are as discussed below:

An attractive job with handsome salary is the one of the best benefit achieved by the candidate who joins Semsols for SEO courses at this training Institute.

There are numerous job opportunities in the field of SEO.

You can be hired by Business or Software related companies.

One can also works as a freelancer.

You can easily run your own business.

The trainees will get on-live project working experience.

They will get all updated and relevant training needed for the SEO post.

It can boost up the Internet Marketing Skills.

It is really a much cheaper option to learn SEO than hiring any SEO expert professionals.

How to improve ON PAGE SEO?

The best and the easiest way to improve the on-page SEO is basically focusing on the key factors that is on optimizing your page titles, optimize for local SEO that is your location, by keeping your URL clean, by optimizing the images of the content, by including proper and appropriate title tags & meta descriptions using keywords for a content and lastly by creating internal links for it. In a simple way, we can say that On-page SEO is mainly the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. The On-page ranking factors have really a big impact on your page’s ability to rank if it is optimized properly. Basically, On-page refers for both the that is content and HTML source code of a page which can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals. You need to join Semsols SEO Training Course to learn all the basic on how to improve on Page SEO rankings.

How Can I differentiate between Quality backlink and BAD backlink?

Really it’s quite tricky to differentiate between a quality backlink and bad backlink. A quality backlink is that link which directly comes from relevant authoritative domains in your niche whereas a bad backlink is that link which comes from unrelated and un trusted sources. A quality backlink is good for a website linking for your site as it has a high domain authority whereas a bad backlink is good for your link building campaigns. A quality backlink is those which basically comes from a relevant outbound link to a trusted and from an authoritative site whereas a bad backlink is simply not a true link or we can say that a link which comes from an un trusted site. A quality backlink is relevant for an on-page content whereas a bad backlink is not relevant for an on-page content. A quality backlink comes from more than one site whereas a bad backlink comes from only one site.   We will guide and give proper training for creating quality backlink. Don’t worry you can have full faith on us if you wish to learn the ethics of SEO and link building with Digital marketing course here at SEMSOLS.

What can I do to rank my website on Google Top Page?

To promote your online business and to growth the sale of your product, it is very necessary to  rank your site on the Google top page search results. It can be only possible by improving the rank of your site which can be done when you:

Publish The Relevant Content – The excellent Quality content is one of the major factor to drive your site on search engine ranking. You must create the quality content for your user to increase site traffic, authority and the relevance. Before writing the content, you must identify & target the Keyword phrase.

Always Update Your Content – You can enhance the rank of your site by updating the content based on site’s relevancy, so that your site always seems as fresh and updated.

Use A Proper Metadata – It is also one of the major factor through which you can rank your PC at top level of search results. You must make use of the proper Title Metadata, Description Metadata and Keyword Metadata.

Apart from these, there are several ways through which you can take your site at the top page of Google. You can do it yourself but in case if you are new in digital marketing field and want to rank your site on Google Top page then you must take help of SEO expert’s who is available to help you 24*7 in Semsols Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


How do I use a video for link building?

In terms of digital marketing, Link building is a crucial aspect but it is not an easy task. As per the researchers report, Video is the most searched  on Internet, so people can use this opportunity to grow their online business. In video, people can easily build the relevant and quality link to their site. To sum up all, people must use a video for link building. To built your site link on video, follow these steps :

Go to YouTube app on your device.

Sign in with your account.

Create a Channel of your site.

Fill out all required detail as you can.

From your created channels, it allows you to create and add a link to your site and another social profile.

Now, upload a video.

Place a link in the description part of video.

By following the above instruction, you can use your video for link building. But if you have any doubt on how to use video for link building then you must take help of the best SEO company at Patna named Semsols Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Does SEO Jobs have better future?

Yes, of course SEO jobs have better future and have many opportunities for the youngsters because nowadays, all business requires SEO for their website to bring their website on top of the rankings. As, various sites began to grows to make more and more money so, it becomes more reasonable to hire a dedicated SEO specialist. The demands for a good SEO experts is growing higher and higher and is constantly on the rise in all over the world. SEO is a profession that is practiced while working for a SEO company or as a solo practitioner. Semsols Technologies provide you to join their SEO course with rich quality in Patna. Every day more than thousands of new websites are being launched and every business is facing heavy competition in today’s digital market. Already, top brands are reaching higher stage in search engines to rule the first page of SERP’s. Hence, it is an integral part of the success for any online business market. In this digital world, everyone has to be survived in intense competition where every big or small businesses and companies are investing more and more money in online advertising by doing complete digital marketing stuffs. So, it is better to learn the complete digital marketing course at Semsols Technologies Patna.

How do I start Freelance SEO job in Patna?

To start a Freelance SEO job in Patna, you should have an excellent knowledge of SEO and if you don’t have the knowledge about SEO then you need to get understand the value and uses of keywords in SEO. Semsols Technologies offer the best SEO course to promote any types of business website instantly. Here, we help them to search and understand the meaning of keywords. After successfully understanding the keywords meaning, you will need to understand the content for which you have to write. To start freelance SEO, firstly gauge the understanding of SEO expertise, then after get a website and list your services, list yourself on freelancing portals and start bidding on it, look at what the leading SEO freelancers are doing on it, commit to a work schedule and stick to it always, begin with a small budget and garner reviews, sell your freelance services with complete dedication of work and at last keep adding a new set of skills on it.

How Can I Make My Career In SEO, And Which Organization Is Best For SEO Training?

If you wanted to build a career in SEO industry, then you must enroll into an SEO certification course offered and conducted by Semsols Technologies Pvt Ltd at Patna. In order to make a career in SEO field you must need to learn the concept of SEO and how it works. For this I would really like to suggest you to join a good SEO Training Institute where you can get all the relevant training form the great mentors who can helps to enhances the skill and knowledge of the enrolled candidates with hundred percent job placement guarantee.   

There are several institutes who provides the SEO training in Patna but Semsols Technologies Pvt Ltd is the best SEO Training Institute among them because it delivers the quality SEO professionals. Their SEO courses are well designed by the renowned SEO experts who will assists you with the updated and latest SEO techniques for improving the ranking and sales performances for the relevant websites. They also provides the complete live outstanding SEO training on real time projects at affordable prices with free demo classes by highly qualified and experienced faculties members. 

How Can I Build Backlinks To My Site?

Building a Back-link for the site is considered to be the most essential part of SEO. Because off-page SEO is actually done to generate backlinks. Hence, this back-linking can be done by using different techniques which are as discussed below: 

  1. Creating Quality Content by posting the unique content
  2. Social Media Presence by sharing hot contents on social media pages.
  3. Valuable Forum Commenting
  4. Directory Submission by submitting the article Urls.
  5. Guest Posting Blessings by creating valuable links on reputed websites like Forbes allows some internal links of your blog, article
  6. Video and Audio Glimpse
  7. Social Bookmarking by bookmark the blog content on high ranging pages.
  8. Building Online and Offline Relations by making blogger, SEO experts as a friend for link building boost up.
  9. Maintaining your Answer Account on Quora, etc.
  10. Broken Link Techniques by suggesting about their broken links with your own links.

 So, if you are the one who wanted to learn how to build back-links for your own website then come and join Semsols Technologies at Patna. Because we are the only one champion who provides the relevant training for SEO industry.


How can social media boost the organic search engine rankings for a business?

The social media is very much helpful to boost the organic search engine rankings for a business by adopting some preventive measures such as by writing Stellar content, appropriate use of keywords in the content, by an increase of the followers for your content, by social sharing i.e viral marketing of your content and lastly by including the links in your social channels. One thing you should remember always, that however, is that what majorly influences your organic search ranking is how much your content is being shared on social media – not the social signals you get. Further, in other words, we can say that the number of likes or retweets you get for an update or for the content you posted on social media doesn’t influence your search rankings at all. The Social media sites have a high online authority so therefore the links on these sites are considered to be of a higher quality which is very helpful to boost the organic search engine rankings for business. This is where we at semsols understand the basics and work on organic search rankings for promoting business online. So you need to join Semsols SEO Digital marketing course here with us.

What are the perfect trends & techniques for off-page SEO?

There is a number of perfect trends & techniques which are being used for off-page SEO work among such listed below are those which are on top and is one of the best techniques for doing an off-page SEO works. Some of the perfect trends & techniques for off-page SEO work are by creating shareable content, influencer outreach, contributing as a guest author, social media involvement, by bookmarking the social media sites, submission of the forum, blog and directory submission, article submission, question and answer submission, video submission, guest book posting, blog comment posting, web 2.0, profile links work and so on. All these are often used Off-page SEO techniques which are being used frequently for effective link building purpose and could effectively add a lot of backlinks for ranking of the websites. All these trends and techniques for off-page SEO are very much in use and are always safe and even loved by Google. We at SEMSOLS do understand the techniques of SEO and will also give best tips and tricks to those who will take up digital marketing course here at SEMSOLS.

Which SEO tool is best for Keyword research?

Keyword research is one the critical and important part of Search Engine Optimization. It is also regarded as the core of SEO practices and pay per click marketing. For enhancing online business and promoting site, most of the companies often invest hundreds of dollar for the Keyword research to get the targeted or relevant content. But you should not need to do that because there is some tool available online through which you can do the keyword research. Basically, there are 2 types of the keyword research tool :

Basic Keyword Research Tool – This type of research use seed keyword in order to find the profitable keywords.

Competitor Based Keyword Research Tool – This type of research often locates the proven keyword which is helping another site to drive web traffic.

If you have no any idea about the SEO tool for Keyword research then you can take help with a SEO company named Semsols Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This company will definitely help you to understand about the Keyword research and take your site to top of Google’s search results.


How can I get a good SEO job?

Getting job in the digital marketing or making career in SEO is becoming too much popular in India and across the globe. Earlier, it was not a career but now, it becomes a good opportunity. These days, almost small or big businesses who have their own site is now investing their money in SEO in order to get the top ranking in Google Search results. By SEO process, companies optimizes their site in order to increase ranking and visibility in Google Search engine.

If you are also interested and want to get a good SEO job then you can join the best SEO company of Patna named Semsols Technologies Pvt. Ltd. For freshers, this company offers SEO trainee post in which they practices it’s employs on highly advanced SEO techniques and upgrade their skills. Once, employs learned about the basic terms related to SEO then this company offers various post as their promotion including Jr. SEO Executive, SEO Executive, Sr. SEO Executive, Team Leader or Manager. With Semsols, you will definitely become a specialist in the SEO or digital marketing.

What is the most important thing to get an SEO job in Patna?

The most important thing to get an SEO job in Patna is to increase overall exposure for clients and drive them with the most qualified traffic possible in SEO projects. Here, it also needs to understand the operating of various search engines and their basics as well as understand what is SEO and how to implement it from its various types such as on page SEO, off page SEO etc. It also needs to understand the complexities that is involved in implementing SEO and also learn about the various tools and technologies involved in the implementation process for a website or an online business. It needs to fully understand Google Analytics and Google AdWords etc. Nowadays, SEO is considered as one of the most desired job profile in India, owing to the extensive list of proven benefits in business of any size and budget. Semsols Technologies Patna has achieved an exciting results from  clients within just a few weeks ago. Semsols offers SEO course which comes with its team of highly experienced and qualified expertise having years of experienced in this SEO field. As, it is the most important purpose of branding and to attract a large number of viewers to your website, Semsols have the well experienced team who knows the best knowledge of the SEO in Patna.