Affiliate Marketing Mantra #1

What is the Affiliate Marketing Mantra?

I am going to tell you about the Affiliate marketing mantra in these shorts. This will match with any product which you want to sell in the segment of Affiliate Marketing business.

Serve before you Sell


Before selling any product we should serve before we sell. Here the meaning of serve refers to help in any way before pitching our product for selling. 


AMM #1 Serve Before You Sell


The mistake which we commit in Affiliate marketing business is we start selling our product right from the day 1. This is the biggest mistake which all of us commit. However, we need to serve our users before selling our product. If you help him and can be of any use to your customer then sell your product to users. This would definitely help in convertting your leads into sales and will work in making you a successful Affiliate Marketer. So this was the First mantra of Affiliate Marketing.

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