Showing Fake Experience is Good for Getting You an IT Job. I know it is a very controversial topic. All those who have started their career with a fake experience certificate must have their own reason and story behind it.

I want to share my own personal experience through this post as to how I started my Digital Marketing career with a fake experience letter. The only objective of this post is to share my story with you all. However I don’t wish anyone to try this or motivate anyone who will be reading this post to show a fake certificate experience letter to get a job.

I am Piyush Jain back in the year 2005 when I completed my Graduation and I wanted to add some different skills to my resume. During that very time, SEO was quite new as a course so I joined an Institute for the same. Within a short span of time I got a call from my Institute that there is an interview for job opening for the post of SEO in some company in Gurugram city. I was happy but an experience of 1-2 years would be required for this SEO job. They asked me to manage it somehow. I said OK but I did not realize or had any knowledge what kind of questions would be asked in an interview related to SEO job experience. Since I lived and was working in Delhi and it took nearly one and a half hours to reach Gurugram by Bus. I started the journey but within half an hour a question struck my mind that suppose if they ask in an interview on which website I worked as an SEO, what should be my reply. So I made a call to the manager of my Institute where I was doing the SEO Course. I asked the same and requested them to at least tell me about any website so that I can mention it in an interview. He sent an SMS to me with the domain and asked me to quote that it is a computer shop related website which is there in the Nehru place. Finally I reached there and while I was waiting there for an Interview, I met two more students of my Institute who already had faced the same interview and were going out. However I met them and inquired about the nature of questions which were asked to them. They said that it was very tough to crack this interview and suggested that I better leave and return back without facing it.

I decided that I will face the interview since I traveled such a good distance and asked them to wait for me. I will return back soon after giving the interview. When I went inside and the Manager of the Company asked me to give a written Test with a proper set of questions related to the SEO field. I was also given a website and instructed and discussed about SEO briefly. I had a good knowledge of SEO subject theory wise and was conceptually strong. So I wrote all the answers which I knew. They asked me to wait for about half an hour after the written exam and informed me that the interview would be conducted by the CEO of the Company. My friends who were waiting for me outside started calling me as they were getting late. I requested them to wait for some more time as I need to face the interview which was going to be conducted shortly. I had no expectation from the interview. Actually I had zero expectation and was prepared that I won’t qualify for this job but wanted to face the interview to gain experience as to what kind of questions will be asked there.

I went inside the cabin of SEO. But let me tell you when you face any interview as a fresher, you have nothing to lose. There was a feeling of freshness and attitude in every fresher’s tone. So the CEO asked me about the site on which I worked. I informed him and gave him the site address. He straight away opened the site on his Laptop and asked Piyush what does this site deal in? I answered it was related to Computers. To this he objected and said no they are selling something different. At that moment I was blank for a while then I replied that till this morning this site was selling Computers. At that point I was sure that my interview was as good as over. I am being caught and they are sure that I don’t have any Experience and the letter which I gave to them is fake. However the panel started grilling me with the intention to teach me a good lesson. They started grilling and asking questions: how is the task assigned to you in the Company where you work? I had no idea as I was a fresher and had never worked in any Company so I said my Team Leader assigns me work in the morning which I do and complete it till evening. To which they asked what kind of work, I said all kinds of work which are assigned to me. Then they asked how to get a salary. To this I said through cash payment I receive my salary. It was a totally irresponsible answer which I gave as I knew I was caught. Then they started asking technical questions related to SEO. However I replied to all the answers to the best of my knowledge as I was conceptually good in SEO. So they asked me to wait for some more time after which the HR would talk to me. By that time all my friends had gone since it was too late and my phone was silent and I was unable to intimate them. I was asked to wait in the Conference Hall on a chair and it was a chilled air-conditioned hall. I was shivering as I was feeling too cold and also I was afraid as I knew I was caught due to a fake experience which I projected.

The HR came and informed Piyush everything is fine but my boss is of the opinion that there is some problem related to your experience. So I was out. I had only two options either to admit that I had shown a fake experience letter or to stick to my stand that no there is nothing wrong in my experience and your boss is wrong. I selected the first option and clearly told HR that the Experience letter Which I gave for the job is fake. I told her that If I had not shown this fake experience probably I would not have got an opportunity to face this job interview. She started smiling and went out. After ten minutes or so she came back and said that Piyush you can go and I will inform you of your result and you will get to know about your result through your Institute. I was very annoyed and had a feeling that the Manager of the Institute had ditched me by giving me the wrong website and this is why I was caught. I took a bus and directly reached my Institute. The moment I was about to enter the cabin of my Manager, I noticed a few people who were around started clapping for me. I was so annoyed and red faced about what and why they were clapping about. Then I came to know that I was selected and this was informed by the Company to my Institute. Yes you read it right, I was selected for the Job and I was really shocked.

So I wanted to share through this post that sometimes even fake experience can get you an IT Job. I want to mention when I joined that company I was a single person in the SEO department and almost worked there for 3 years as a fresher to Manager Level. During this period I worked and had around 40-50 employees under my Team. So I want to share that if you are technically sound and know what you are doing in that field, even fake experience can help you in getting an IT Job. Also there were limited openings in year 2005 as compared to today in the year 2020. Using all my experience of 15 years in the Digital Marketing field, I have designed Digital Marketing from ZERO to HERO Course. This course is for everyone who wishes to learn Digital Marketing, for those who want to make their career in Digital Marketing or those who want to grow their business using Digital marketing. It is designed in such a way anyone can do this course. Altogether there are 23 modules, more than 208 videos are there to guide students and explain them about each module in detail. After the course, you will get a free Internship of 30 days as a bonus where we will show you how to practically apply all the modules which you learned in Digital Marketing course. Also we provide Technical support during the entire course period. We have a private Facebook group where we add all those who join our Digital Marketing Course. You can get your queries or any problem solved . We provide weekly assistance and also get live with face to face interaction. So if you want to learn Digital Marketing you can join our Digital Marketing Course. Good Luck!


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