You must have played find the way game as a kid. We all have played this game and are well aware of it. You are in that position where you are currently placed. Want is the place where we want to reach or achieve.


Want can be any alluring factor suppose if any one want to have promotion as want or desire. If someone wants to get a salary increment then it is his/her want. If someone wants to start their own business, then this is also a want. As you can see in the embedded video there are various ways out there to reach your destination which you want in this case. All the enlisted routes lead to your want. But if you really want to achieve what you want then you need to move from your current position. We all desire to get promotions, salary increments, start our own work but how many of us really put an effort to reduce the distance from where we are actually to get closer to what we desire or aim. If it is practically happening then it’s fine. But if not , then I am sorry to say you only have desire or want but you are not putting any effort to reach out there. You are only portraying to satisfy yourself falsely and cheating yourself

If you really want to get promotions, salary increments, start your own business or any of these then you must move from your current position and need to add some skills to your profile. Are you learning any new skills that will reduce the distance. Let’s take an example. Suppose there is a company and there is a vacancy for a job there. For this post, there are some required skills which are needed. From the Company’s point of view, the panel which takes interviews expects and wants applicants to have those skills within them. If you have those skills then only you get selected in the interview and get hired for that job. Suppose if you get hired in that Company and do not learn any new skills and upgrade the skill sets after 2-3 years then you are a burden on that Company. Since that company can hire employees in half of the salary which it is paying to you as an employee. This is the reason why many of the employees don’t get promotions, get fired from companies, do not get satisfied with their work. Employees don’t realize the fact what they have learned as new skills in the tenure of 2-3 years and have they contributed anything for the growth of the Company or whether they should get salary increments? These things matter a lot.

So if you want to have a promotion, get salary increments, start your own business then you need to add new skills in your profile. In current time Digital Marketing is selling like a hot cake. So if you add digital marketing skills in your work profile then you are likely to get promotions, salary increments or even you can start your own business or work. Only thing you need to do is to learn Digital Marketing skills. Even if you see previous trends, there was always a requirement of Digital Marketing skills and it has increased manifolds. Due to the Corona crisis there has been an exponential growth requirement of Digital Marketing skills. Many Big Digital Marketing Companies require employees and they are hiring and this is the right time to do so. If you learn Digital Marketing skills then you can quit your current job and move ahead in life.

Now the question arises how to learn Digital Marketing skills? IF you want to learn Digital Marketing, then YouTube can be used as a useful resource. If you have guidance of Digital Marketers or guys with experience in this field, then you can easily learn Digital Marketing from YouTube. But if you don’t have anyone to guide then you might end up getting lost in YouTube as there are millions and trillions of videos. So you need to have a mentor who can really guide you as to how to learn Digital Marketing. There are around 23-24 modules in Digital Marketing as it has a vast syllabus. Even if you take one module and start learning it, you can go on learning it even for 1-2 years but it won’t get covered. So this is the role of mentor to guide you how much time one should give in one particular module and how to learn Digital Marketing skills. To solve this we have come up with our Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero. As you can make it out by the name itself Zero to Hero as even if any one does not have any knowledge of Digital Marketing can join this course and become an expert after completing the course. Even if you are doing some job then also you can do this course and can complete it within 1.5 to 2 months duration. Suppose if you have completed the course, but we know there are various modules which require a practical approach. This is why we provide an online Internship program along with Digital Marketing Course. This internship will be for 30 days. From Day 1 to Day 30. Daily you would be given 1 video and along with it you will get a task. In the video you will be shown how to perform the task right from Day 1. When you complete all tasks after 30 days you have implemented practically and will become an expert Digital Marketer. You will come to know how to rank a website, how to bring traffic to your site, how to build links, how to do SEO? How to promote it using social media platforms. Also if you face any problem, we provide an inner circle group of Semsols on facebook. You can ask and post questions on the group and we will reply there. This is the best way to learn Digital Marketing. So if you give your 2 and a half months time to do our Digital marketing course along with an internship then you can become an expert and add new skills to quit your current job. You can achieve your dream if you want to quit your current job and switch to better Company. You can also easily get your salary increments in the current Company by adding new skills in your job profile. So I would suggest everyone to learn Digital Marketing to add new skills to your resume in the current scenario. If you have any queries regarding the course, do ask us. We will clear all doubts. So let’s meet in our new post with a new video. Till then Bye.



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