CTA Importance in Funnel Hacking – Convert Visitors to Customers By Proper Use of Call To Action

CTA Importance in Funnel Hacking – Convert Visitors to Customers By Proper Use of Call To Action

Welcome friends ! How are you ? I hope you must be fine. In today’s video I am going to explain about CTA or Call To Action. What is CTA?

How to use it on our website?

How important is CTA for our website?

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What is CTA ?

CTA means Call To Action. CTA has its significance everywhere. Whether it’s on website, offline marketing, TV ads. What does it mean? Actually through CTA you are instructing your visitors as to what call to action is to be taken. Suppose if you open any website, there is a call now option so this is CTA, or if there is an option to fill up the form then this is also a Call to Action. Actually when a visitor accesses your website for the first time, we nurture our visitors and bring them in the funnel as we have an entire process of different levels with proper Call to Action.

Suppose if any one visits my website by searching for keyword Digital Marketing Course Patna / Digital Marketing Course. I won’t directly pitch him to buy my Digital Marketing Course or Join my Course. I would never opt for it. But instead I would offer him/her to register for a free Demo Class of 5 days. This is absolutely free. This form would serve as Call To Action. So they fill up a form and provide all their details. Then I would start mailing them for nurturing them about the course, what are the advantages of Digital Marketing, introducing the course, all the details related to DM such as affiliate marketing, Website design, SMO etc. This helps me to convert the lead into my customer by nurturing them. Then during the free 5 days of Demo Class they come to know about the course entirely. Once the Demo class gets over, then comes the second level of CTA where I start pitching them to Join our Digital Marketing Course or purchase it online. This flow of CTA applies on all levels. There are 2 different levels or stages depending upon the visitors. If visitors know us then we have to use a different CTA and if the visitor is unknown to us then we have to apply for another CTA.

Examples of CTA in words can be Register now, Click for more info, Donate Now, Download this form, Fill this Form etc. All these are Call to Action (CTA). We use Register now for free 5 days Demo class as incentive. Here Register Now is CTA, and free Demo Class works as incentive so that users register for our free demo class.

We must be careful while using CTA on our website. Many people use CTA at the bottom of the website so that visitors get a chance to find relevant information about the product or services and then go for CTA at the end. However there should not be multiple CTA in same page such as if you use buy now, register now, free download this might confuse visitors. So CTA should be either at the top or at the bottom to keep it simple. Now many people do not use CTA assuming that visitors know what CTA is to be taken. This is wrong and visitors will not convert into customers. So CTA is quite important and plays a significant role.

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