What Is Negative SEO Victim Websites – How To Handle Sudden Organic Rank Dip & Fix it

What Is Negative SEO Victim Websites – How To Handle Sudden Organic Rank Dip & Fix it

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Today I have come up with a topic for Negative SEO.

Negative SEO is quite discussed among SEO Experts, Digital Marketers. It is also known as overdose of SEO. In this post we will come to know what is Negative SEO? We will discuss what are those sites which are most vulnerable to negative SEO? How to know if your site is having negative SEO and if its affected how to fix Negative SEO? So let’s begin our tutorial. But before proceeding further, if you are new to our channel do subscribe to us by pressing the bell icon. So that you can get the latest notifications for the videos which are posted on our channel related to Digital Marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, YouTube Video creation etc.

What is Negative SEO?

Now let’s start with Negative SEO. The Word SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. If there is an overdose of SEO done, it can be termed as negative SEO. SEO is mainly divided into On page SEO and Off Page SEO. When we talk about Off page SEO, it includes link building and these links play an important factor to decide ranking factors. If you have created a link to your website on some other website then this is called link building. There was a time when any website could be ranked by creating 500 links, 1000 links on a daily basis or through paid links and ranking was manipulated. But in present time, Google is very smart and can easily detect spammy links and will filter your website due to negative SEO.

Recently our client received one mail from their competitors. They asked my client to purchase their services else they will create around 50K links of spam websites such as porn sites, adult websites and eventually the site will suffer and get filtered. SO anyone can do negative SEO for your site if it’s in rank. Negative SEO is hidden truth and a dirty picture of SEO. There are various projects on which we have worked to fix Negative SEO.

If you have A New Website Should you Worry About Negative SEO or Not?

Negative SEO can sometimes be done either intentionally or unintentionally. Actually, Digital Marketers and developers do negative SEO themselves. What they do is that they create new websites and create links and they take links from any websites. Now we all know that it is not an easy job to get good links for your website. That’s for sure, if you have a new website and if you have created more than 50% links of spammy websites then your site will get filtered and even penalized. So if you have a new website and you are into building spam links then it is vulnerable for Negative SEO. However if you have more than 300 links of Good websites then Negative SEO impact won’t work for that website.

How to Identify that your Site is suffering from Negative SEO

If there is sudden drop of traffic and whatever content you are adding but it is not ranking with any of the keywords in content. Then it might be suffering from Negative SEO. So you can check in Google Webmasters tool now known as Google Search Console after logging in. Check in the manual action if it’s mentioned there else your site is safe. You can also check for the links which are created for your site. You can check all the links if there are any links which you haven’t created then you can report it to Google and inform that you do not want to take the value. So this is how we can monitor our website for Negative SEO.

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