There are 3 lessons which every Online Marketer learns in Business too late. Yes this is the motive of this post as I will be sharing 3 lessons which I learned while running my online business.

I am sharing my experience as I do not want others to commit same mistakes in Online Business which I did. Not only that I even see many young entrepreneurs and Business firm repeating same mistakes in their online business again and again. However before proceeding further let me introduce myself. I am Piyush Jain, a Digital Marketer having an experience of 15 long years in the field of Digital marketing segment. Back in the year 2008, I started my own Digital Marketing Company as Semsols Technologies PVT. LTD. From the year 2008 to 2010 I was only focused on generating revenues. My main objective was to bring traffic on my websites and to sell affiliate stuffs. The prime objective was to earn as much revenue as possible. Let me frankly tell you this is the main objective of every Businessman. Their main goal is to increase the revenue and that was the same mistake which I did and this is why I don’t want others to do the same mistake in their business. However I learned some very important lessons which I am going to share those 3 lessons through this post.

First Lesson: Create your Own Brand. Yes you read it right, as Branding is very important. You need to create brand either for your Company or for personal Branding. This should be a long term goal. You must create a personal brand and its very easy to do. You must create a personal logo for your Company or for yourself. You can also get a professional photo shoot of yourself done and use that photo in all the graphics which you do. This will create your personal branding.

Second Lesson : Create Email List – Creating Email list is the single most important asset for your Company. The products or services which you or your Company is selling right now will sell maximum for a period of 2 to 3 years but then its sales will gradually slow down as new products  will come. Naturally the old products will become obsolete. New products are bound to overtake old ones. I can quote an example like before Google Analytics there was a Company called Fire Eclipse. But it was closed since Google Analytics came in. It is free and far better than it. So products and services might come and go but the email list of your customer will be real asset and you can use those email list to sell and market any product in future as well.

Third Lesson : Create Social Followers – Yes social followers are very important for online presence. You can choose all social platforms like linkedin, facebook, Twitter, YouTube and post content related to your product, services or your Company. You need to inform and educate people by providing free content on these social platforms. When you educate users through your free content and make them aware about your products and services those users will be your real loyal followers. So these are the 3 lessons which I learned from my Online Business. So I have included all my experience and included many other tips which I learned and have all these in my Digital Marketing Course. I have included everything the mistakes which one should not do in Online business as well as the things which are working right now. My Course is Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero. You can actually check all the modules as many as 23 modules are there in Our Digital Marketing Course, if you are interested to join or to know more about it do follow us on Facebook. The links will be provided below. Other than that you can join us on Facebook. We always post relevant stuffs related to Digital Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization, facebook, how to increase visitors to your fb page that are working right now. So if you have any queries you can ask in the comment section. We will be happy to answer them. Best of Luck!!


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