Hello friends, How are you all ? You need to take very good care of yourself during the recent outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic. Today I have come up with a new topic as The 3 lessons every Freelancer Learn in their Business Too Late.

Life of a freelancer is not so easy. Actually Freelancers are those who work for themselves independently and meet demands of their clients by taking up their work as projects. Either freelancers have left their job for freelancing or do freelancing as a career without going for any job. Freelancers initially do not have many projects and have to struggle to get projects in the beginning. But later on they get various online projects and can earn good amounts of money through freelancing and grow their career in their life. So you can also start your career as a freelancer but there are some mistakes which every freelancer commits in their business and realize it too late. So in this post I will discuss what are these 3 mistakes which you can avoid and have a successful career in future as a freelancer.

The first lesson is improving your skills:

Whenever freelancers start their career they use their skills whatever they know or learned. Later they get so busy in their freelancing career that they don’t really upgrade their skills. If you don’t upgrade or learn new skills with time then you become outdated. As in every field things are changing up with time and new Technology takes over the existing or old concepts. So if you do not upgrade your skills by learning new concepts you will get stuck in your career. This is one mistake which many of the freelancers do and lag behind others. if you do not learn new things you cannot use those skills in growing your freelancing career. Always upgrade your skills so that it can be used for the growth of your freelancing career. You need to learn and add new skills by carrying a bit of research by reading and knowing new concepts and technology related to freelancing business. You can read online or purchase courses to upgrade your knowledge and skills to lead the race in a freelancing career. Also you need to be in touch with such people who are in the same field and known to you. Meet them and discuss what are the new technologies which are in demand during this time period. So this was the first mistake which many of the freelancers usually do. You must avoid such mistakes and try to keep yourself upgraded in freelancing.

Second Lesson is Communicate your skills:

you need to interact and let your clients know about your skills. If you do not market your skills or present yourself properly to clients then you will face lack of work or projects. For instance if there are two shops in your locality. The first shopkeeper markets its products well to customers and interacts properly. Whereas other shopkeepers don’t interact enough with customers or not market their products. SO you only decide whom you would like to purchase? It is obvious you will like to purchase from the shopkeeper who interacted nicely to you and marketed his products. In the same way you are unable to showcase your skills, abilities and quality of work which you know to your clients, then you will face problems in finding projects and clients as well. So right from the very beginning communicate your skills and abilities to your clients.

Third Lesson is Choose your clients wisely:

you must choose clients wisely else you might face problems in meeting their demands. In the beginning of your freelancing career, as you don’t find much work you might end up taking all kinds of projects. Also you take up too many clients at a time but realize that your client’s work does not suit your skills. Unfortunately you fail to deliver best results. Initially you can manage somehow but down the line when you grow it becomes lengthy with the nature of projects whether it matches your skills or not. So you need to select your clients wisely in your career of freelancing so that you can grow your business without getting distracted. So select such clients whose work and projects can be fulfilled by you on time.

So these 3 points must be clear to the freelancers as they often remain busy in their projects and never upgrade their skills, do not communicate or market their skills and take too many projects not realizing their nature of skills. They must upgrade skills if they want to grow their freelancing career.

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