Are you demotivated ? Know about the Fastest Way to Get demotivated. Yes this is our today’s Topic. I am Neeraj Vijay an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer.

Lets see why people do get demotivated so easily. Maybe you might be a very motivated person and want to excel in life. But there are various factors and reasons which demotivate you. The biggest factor behind demotivation is the fact that many people say so and you might think so as well. These are the two main factors which can easily demotivate you. Yes, if you want to do something in your life but people around you always discourage you and say that this work is impossible and talk about failure and how they failed in achieving their target. So this works as a negative mindset. You start thinking that if they have failed in doing it how can it be done by you? But it should not be the case. If you believe in yourself and have confidence within yourself that you can achieve or can be successful in doing that work then you should ignore what others say or feel. If you have self belief and have confidence in achieving any target or goal in life then ignore what others say or feel about you. Yes, if you want to achieve any goal then ignore others and stay focused on it.

# If you believe that you cannot achieve something

If you believe or feel that you cannot achieve any goal or do that work then you can never do it. Yes it is a fact. You need to make some changes in your life and work accordingly to achieve a goal. If you want to achieve any big goal then make smaller goals and try to achieve smaller goals positively. As this will give positive thoughts down the line and will overcome negativity. If you feel that you cannot achieve or do any particular work then this is totally wrong and you should avoid such negative thoughts about yourself. If you think of the word impossible, it also means I M Possible. So you need to be positive and always believe that you can achieve any goal in life then only you can progress in life. Start working for it from now onwards and you will feel the difference within yourself and you can achieve goals in life. Apart from these two main points, there are other factors as well.

# Working Without any purpose

If you don’t have any goal or ambition in life then there is no use to work in life. Since you work but without any goal and lack interest and zeal to achieve your goal. This also creates a feeling of negativity and demotivates you in life. So try to have a goal in your life so that you will take interest and will enjoy your work in life.

# Working on Too Many Projects at a Time

Maybe you might be working on too many projects simultaneously and unable to focus on any of them. This can also work as a factor to demotivate you against achieving your goal in life. There is a famous proverb that says riding two boats at a time. Yes if you travel in many boats at a time then it is impossible for anyone to do so and as a result you are likely to fall and drown. So focus on one project first and try to complete it. Gradually you should take other projects and complete them then only you can be motivated and succeed in life.

# Having a very big goal

It might be possible that you have a goal to have more than 100 posts within 6 months in your newly created blog. This is logically and practically possible but suppose the quality of content is not up to the standard which you feel or want then it won’t serve the purpose. So you have made a goal but under pressure you lack motivation to achieve it. On the other hand if you create a blog and have a goal to update 1 post every week. Then it is quite possible as you have a time frame of 1 week to research and write your content for blog. So you will get motivated after weekly updating your blog and as you give 100% of your dedication in achieving the target.

If you are working too slow in any project

Suppose if you feel that you are working too slow on some project and lag behind others in completing that work. This would also give you a feeling of negativity. So stay focused and down the line work on it and it will get completed in course of time. Thus you need to work on your project instead of being demotivated.

If you don’t like to take action

yes this is the biggest factor which demotivate you is the fact that you only think instead of working on it or taking some action towards achieving it. So stop thinking and better take action and start doing things in the right direction. Whatever you have thought of, make a plan and gradually start doing it. This will definitely motivate you in becoming successful in life.

Pushing your limits

Yes if you get stuck in your job profile and feel that what will happen or what will be the output if you move away from this profile. As a result you stay in fear and don’t want to move out of that profile or that work. But you need to move out from there and try to increase your limits. Don’t be limited to that profile or work. Unless you expand your boundaries you cannot succeed and will feel demotivated.

So you need to have positive thinking and a positive attitude to be motivated and progress in your life. Never think what others will feel or think about you. Whether you would be able to do it or not? Stay away from all such negative thoughts and believe that you can do and achieve any goal in life. The biggest challenge is that people always feel and care what others would say and they get demotivated. So know your potential and work in the right direction.

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