Hello Friends, how are you all? You need to stay safe as there is an outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic. Always use a mask and sanitizer to stay safe and protected from this deadly covid-19 virus. Today I have come up with a topic as The Ultimate Advice for Every Struggling Job Seeker. Yes you read it right. I am Neeraj Vijay, an entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer.

In recent times many employees are losing their job. Also in the coming days there is hardly any scope where you can find new or fresh job openings. In such a difficult time or phase what should struggling job seekers do? See, it is generally seen that the students, whatever sector they might have selected, want to do or find jobs related to the same sector. But it should not be applicable with recent times as almost all the sectors are badly hit due to covid-19 pandemic and lock down and it is very difficult to find any jobs. So any job seeker can lose hope and get frustrated but they must not lose hope. As there is a new morning after every dark night. So you need to have patience and be positive. At the same time, you need to utilize this corona period to upgrade your skills. This is the time of the digital era and Digital Marketing is on boom.

The marketing channel which is used on Digital Platform is quite large and has a lot of scope for growth. The scope of Digital Marketing is booming all over the globe and with the penetration of Internet and online web services in India, it is growing at a rapid pace. So the Digital Marketing phase will grow manifolds in India as well. Even if you are from any field whatsoever, you can switch to Digital marketing as there are a lot of scopes and possibilities in the field of Digital Marketing. You can easily find a job or a career in the Digital Marketing field.

The second most striking feature is that you need not require any technical skills. If you want to learn Digital marketing with dedication you can easily learn. There is no reason why you can’t learn Digital Marketing. It is generally seen that people want to do three kinds of jobs.

1. Social able Career

Social able career also known as marketing sales job where one needs to interact face to face to sell any product. This is where Digital Marketing can be used for making and finding a career. Since in Digital Marketing one needs to increase the brand’s visibility to increase its sales among customers. You need to grow your business and customer base in Digital Marketing. So if you are interested and find a sales job interesting you can switch to Digital marketing to sell your product online. There are wide scope to increase the sales opportunity when you promote your products online as compared to offline platforms. You can take your brand or product and even make it popular globally.

2. Analytical Job Career

Secondly most people who are from technical fields have an analytical approach. Here, in Digital Marketing career also you need to have an analytical approach then only you can be successful in Digital Marketing career. By analytical approach we mean to say whenever you create any website or run any campaign, what is the amount of data which is used and flown. What is the amount of traffic that’s generated on which specific pages of the website. What are the keywords which are generating traffic. How long does the traffic stay on the landing page? If it’s bouncing why is it so and what is the bouncing ratio? What is the funnel, if you are into email marketing, what is the response of emails? What is the ROI? All these can be calculated via Analytics. So whoever wishes to have an analytical career, Digital Marketing is the best medium for such people.

3. Creative Jobs Career

Third category of people are those who wish to select a creative career for themselves. If you want to have a creative career then digital marketing is one field that will provide creative career opportunities. If you are a Digital Marketer and have designed a website, there also you need to be creative as to how you have designed your homepage. What is the creativity level and how you can improve so that maximum lead can be converted into sales through your website. Creativity is not only limited till design, you also need to be creative and stay focused on content writing. It will matter how creative is the content and what call of action visitors take after reading the website content. If you run ads on your website, what are the things which you need to have to make the campaign unique so that maximum visitors visit and click on those ads. So a Digital Marketing job has various creativity for creative minded people.

So if you look, there is scope of Social, Analytical and Creative nature of jobs and career opportunities present in Digital Marketing career. So those who are interested in all or any of these 3 nature of jobs can learn Digital Marketing and get a career in the same. You will hardly find such scope in any other field or segment as compared to the Digital Marketing field. The biggest aspect is that the scope of Digital Marketing is truly endless and will never decline. It will grow with each day as the population of the Country and World will grow and so will the users. Also the scope of Online marketing will grow with the Online business and companies will grow rampantly. Also there will be a huge requirement for skilled people for Digital Marketing. So those who are struggling job seekers if they dedicate themselves and give 2 to 3 months of their time to learn Digital Marketing can make their career easily. You need to learn and understand Digital Marketing so that you can crack an interview. After that you will easily find a job and gain experience of 1 year in Digital Marketing Company. Once you have gained the experience level, then sky is the limit. It depends on you how far you wish to reach in Digital Marketing. Even you can establish your own business empire if you work and gain experience of 2 to 3 years. Within this time period you will learn how Digital Marketing actually works and completes a cycle. After that you can provide your own services or you can sell your own product on your website.

Also there are other verticals on which you can work upon. So this is my ultimate advice to all those job seekers who are finding it difficult to get a job in the current scenario, they need to upgrade their skills by switching to Digital Marketing course. It is the best option where you can learn Digital Marketing within 3 to 4 months. You can search for SEO Experts or Digital Marketing Experts, facebook ads related jobs, Google Ads Related jobs, link building jobs and see the job opportunities will be fetched. This will give an idea how much job probabilities are there on Job sites. So you can think and analyze yourself what should be your call for action. If you want to learn Digital Marketing course, then we have introduced a video course as Digital Marketing Zero to Hero course. It is a structures video course where we have included 23 modules of Digital Marketing. You can learn chapter wise. Whatever queries you would face we will solve by coming online on a weekly basis. Besides we provide a private facebook group, if you face any problem or have queries on a daily basis you can post there and we will reply back. We also provide a 1 month free internship in Digital Marketing as a bonus. This internship will give you practical knowledge of how Digital Marketing works. So if you are interested in learning this course you can purchase our Digital Marketing Video course.

So it is better to learn complete Digital Marketing course and develop new skills, analyze, think and then apply for new jobs. This is my Guarantee if you dedicate 2-3 months in learning Digital Marketing course, you will get plenty of Job opportunities easily. With these concluding words I wish all the best and hope you all get placed in better jobs. I will be back with a new topic in my next post, Thanks!


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