Lets Stop! I am not fighting with you. I am fighting myself, knowingly and unknowingly all of us fight ourselves. Those who struggle win their battle and become successful in their life.

Today I have come up with a Topic as They Say Learning Digital Marketing is Really Tough. Who are they or these people who say They Say Learning Digital Marketing is Really Tough. Are they your friends, family friends, or common friends of your friends, or your own inner voice. Let’s take an example, we all are using smartphones. We all watch videos on smartphones. Even your parents or old generation must be using smartphones these days. Maybe when smartphones were introduced and when you gave smartphones to them they found it difficult to use. But when you guided them and showed them how to use a smartphone, they faced no problem and started using it. Even if they face some difficulty while operating a smartphone, you guide them step wise. The same process is applied in learning anything which is new. Suppose if anyone quotes that Learning Digital Marketing is Really Tough, it is either they have never learned Digital Marketing or if at all, they have learned in a wrong way.

I would say if anyone knows how to operate a PC or Laptop, then he can learn Digital Marketing easily. You don’t require any technical skills to learn Digital Marketing. When I say no Technical skills, I really mean no technical skills whatsoever. Even if you don’t know English then also you can use and implement Digital Marketing easily. Digital Marketing is really very easy if you learn in a systematic way. When we talk about Digital Marketing it is a vast subject consisting of various modules and segments. Even if I deal with each segment, let’s consider website designing. If anyone learns the website design module of Digital Marketing, there will be various job opportunities for him. He can work as a freelancer, he can be a service provider, he can work as a website designer in any Company. Likewise there are other modules such as Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Linkedin Marketing etc. There are various modules in Digital Marketing and each module can be learned easily and will provide various job opportunities provided you need to have a knowledge of complete Digital Marketing.

Now the question arises how to learn Digital Marketing? Many people who don’t want to spend to learn Digital Marketing and use YouTube to learn. YouTube is so vast and has so many videos that they get lost in those videos. Suppose if you start a topic Website Designing and start learning it through videos. If you want you can learn website designing within 10 days, for a month, for 6 months or even in 2 years. But inorder to learn Digital Marketing how much website designing is required? How will you know this? How one module of Digital Marketing is related to another module? To know all these answers you need a Mentor. Yes, A mentor can only guide you how to switch from one module to another and how to co-relate modules with each other to learn Digital Marketing. For this we have launched our Digital Marketing Course. There are around 23 modules with more than 200 videos. The course is designed in such a way that anyone can learn Digital Marketing course and implement it. Let me quote an example, one of my students having a village background had never used a laptop before. It was a challenge for me as to whether I would be able to really make him understand Digital Marketing. He had read somewhere that Digital Marketing is really helpful for growing skills. He had a dedication to learn Digital Marketing. Let me tell you, within 3 months he learned Digital Marketing quite easily, he has his own laptop now and expert in Digital Marketing. He has learned so much that he is managing his own website and blogging easily. Since he is into the business of Agriculture, he does postings on his website related to farming tips.

So if anyone is of the opinion and Say Learning Digital Marketing is Really Tough, then they don’t know the real way how to learn it. Digital Marketing requires a systematic approach and if you learn systematically, then 2-3 months is enough to learn Digital Marketing. After learning Digital Marketing course, many students have a query that upto learning theory it’s fine but what about practicals. How can one apply Digital Marketing practically. For this we have designed an online 30 days Internship program. The internship is designed in such a way that right from Day 1 you will come to know what tasks you need to do practically through videos. Similarly on Day 2 you will get another task and if you follow all the videos day wise, on Day 30 you will practically be able to implement Digital Marketing for your business and your website. You will start getting traffic on your website or your client’s website as we explain each and every module practically. We also provide technical support for any problem you might face during Digital Marketing course. All you have to do is join our private facebook group and ask questions to us and we will respond to your queries. We also come up live on facebook group weekly for face to face interaction. So Learning Digital Marketing is so easy. Only one thing is required and that is your confidence to learn Digital Marketing. If you have that confidence to learn Digital Marketing then I will accomplish this task and will make you learn Digital Marketing. So I will be back with my next post, till then take care, bye.


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