Hello friends we all know that TIKTOK is banned in India as it was a Chinese app.

More than 200 millions people were using it . All the content which was uploaded as video form does not exist now. Also the amount of hard work that was input by those users in increasing followers, sharing videos etc all went in vain. Apart from this , there were many users who used TIKTOK as their source of earning which has led to the crisis among them. Yes definitely it is a crisis time for them. But there is a famous proverb which says The Bigger is the Crisis, the Bigger the Opportunity. Yes, the bigger is the crisis, the bigger opportunity is created. In this video post I am going to discuss how you can use this crisis situation, one can look for opportunities. How can you help TikTok influencers to start their business on some different platform but with a solid foundation as base this time. Before that let me introduce myself. I am Piyush Jain and I have been into Digital Marketing for the last 15 years. I am owner of Semsols Technologies PVT.LTD, a Digital Marketing Company. We provide Digital Marketing Services to our clients and customers globally.

We also provide Digital MARKETING course where we teach how to implement Digital Marketing practically. Now back to my topic how you can help TIKTOK influencers and creators who were earning through TIKTOK in making them earn online. What was TIKTOK? Actually TIKTOK was a platform where users uploaded videos and showed their talent. People used to watch and share TIKTOK videos and earn through it. Although there are various such platforms but since TIKTOK was very good, it became hugely popular among the users. There are other platforms such as Facebook. Many creators use facebook, YouTube, Instagram for uploading their videos. There are various platforms and every platform has some advantages and some loopholes too. Similarly TIKTOK was also a similar platform and let me tell you these platforms are not yours and hence one cannot trust and rely upon these Social Platforms. Today TIKTO got shut down in India. But there have been instances where YouTubers having worked for 5 – 10 years on their account and even their YouTube account with various subscribers and followers are deleted. Haven’t you heard that Facebook accounts get deleted, Instagram account deleted. Yes you cannot trust any of these platforms solely for getting income as business. You should use these platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram for growing your business and relying solely and completely on business as a platform then you need to think seriously.

Now let me explain things in detail: How to Help TIKTOK Influencer to Start Again? Yes you can help them start once again but not to repeat the same mistake which they committed last time. What was the mistake which they made last time? Let’s take a closer look. There are platforms like TIKTOK which is now banned, Instagram, YouTube. There are contents which are created by creators and Influencer which are uploaded on these platforms. They are getting very good traffic from these platforms on their account and user profile. Suppose visitors viewed your videos on these platforms and went out. So the source of earning which one gets from number of views as to how many users are visiting and viewing your videos. These earnings are provided by These platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok which is now banned. So the earning is completely dependent on the platforms. And in the current scenario when TIKTOK is shut down, the earning is ZERO. Whatever content which was uploaded by users individually all gone in vain. Similar things can happen for any of the platforms. Suppose if YouTube comes up with some policies which will result in deleting your account.

Unfortunately, if such a thing happens in future what will you do then? I hope and wish it doesn’t happen but you should work in such a manner and with a strategy that your business and earning should be stable even if your YouTube account gets suspended. Suppose if YouTube gets closed, there will be alternative platforms where one can use them for uploading their videos and showing their creativity. As a user you should have this much time and money to invest on those alternative platforms. But for this you need to work and plan accordingly. Till now you were getting traffic on these platforms, they came in and went out. Suppose you have a YouTube channel and you have uploaded various video content on it. Traffic comes , watches your video and goes out. You get paid for your views, comments. But this is a wrong Marketing Strategy.  Then what is the correct strategy you must be thinking about? Yes the correct strategy is to bring and get traffic from these platforms to your own platform. When the traffic comes to your own platform you need to tap them and collect email ids of visitors. You need to create a list of email ids. So whether YouTube gets close, facebook account is suspended, you will have a list of email with you and it can be used for mailing about your business, products or services to your users through email marketing.

Suppose if you are using ANY PLATFORM, you should also use another platform to grow your business simultaneously. This is known as Cross pollinate. Suppose if you are uploading any video content on YouTube channel, then you must share it on facebook also. You can also share the link of FB on YouTube and ask users to check the images on facebook. This will enable the traffic of your YouTube channel to come to facebook. So we need to cross pollinate why because if any one platform gets struck or is closed like TIKTOK. You can get revenue and earn from other platforms where you have shared your content too. Also must drive traffic from these platforms on to your own platform as a landing page of your website to collect emails. Now why and how you can get email ids. For this you need to give some lead magnet to visitors. Lead Magnet is a form of incentive which you Can give to your visitors. Suppose you have some technical online business related to computers. SO you can give some free tips related to PC optimization. How to speed up your PC?  You can provide the best free Antivirus tips.

If you are in the Fitness and Health Industry. You can give free tips and recipes in the form of PDF to be downloaded by users only if they fill up the form and provide email id. So this lead magnet will attract visitors. Suppose if you have any health and fitness related product which you want to promote and market, you can use the list of email ids which you have collected for affiliate marketing. This will add an advantage and grow your business. So if you know Digital Marketing and how to implement Digital Marketing Strategy and provide services to these influencers. Or if you are one among those TIKTOK creators or Influencers you can learn Digital Marketing Course within 3 months and start implementing it to earn online by giving a solid foundation to their business. So if you want to learn Digital Marketing we at Semsols provide an online Digital Marketing course with 23 modules. These 23 modules are most important to learn and implement Digital Marketing as DIY or Do It Yourself.

We have a Digital Marketing course from Zero to Hero Course. We also provide an Internship program after completion of the course. This is 30 days program as Do it With US. Our offline students undergo it as Internship and our online students take it as a 30 days ranking challenge.  There are many bonuses and modules like website design, blogging and how to start earning by blogging. You can find links in the description part of the video. So I hope this post will be helpful for all readers and TIKTOK influencers and creators who want to start their business with a solid base this time.  Do like share, comment and write any queries if you have we will answer them. Thank You!