This article includes top 25 SEO interview Questions and Answers for freshers in 2019-20. If you want to make career in SEO field and crack the interview questions for getting high perks for reputed job in SEO field then reading of this article will be definitely helpful for you. Here, you will know about top 25 SEO interview Questions and Answers beneficial for freshers in 2019-20 which will definitely help you to crack your interview.

Question 1 : What is SEO?

Answer – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most popular and crucial factor in digital marketing field which denotes an activity basically performed for improving the search engine ranking of sites, services, products or another content. SEO is capable to display the unpaid search results which also referred as natural, organic, free or earned results.

Question 2 :What is the importance of SEO?

Answer – In terms of digital marketing, SEO plays a very crucial role. SEO is too much essential for those who really want to get more traffic for their company’s site. In the field of SEO, ranking over the search engine really matters because users mainly pay lots of heed to first five searches on the Google.

Question 3 :What is Search Engine & name few of them?

Answer – Search Engine is considered as a web based software system developed for helping users to search and locate the relevant details on World Wide Web. The search engines often used to answer queries which is mainly entered by users. Over the Internet, there are several search engine but some of them are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and many more.

Question 4 :What is World Wide Web (WWW)?

Answer – The World Wide Web (WWW) is actually an information system of the Internet servers which includes web-pages where the formatted resources as well as documents supported by the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and located by the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) with another hypertext links. It is invented in year 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee.

Question 5 :What is a domain & domain extension?

Answer – Domain is actually a part of network address which acts as the websites descriptor that includes website addresses, email addresses, Internet protocols addresses and many more. Whereas domain extension mainly refers to notation that is found at end of the web addresses. Domain extension is specifically used to specify the web category or country code.

Question 6 :What is the meaning of Web Server?

Answer – Web server is a type of system program with the domain name and IP address. It is used to display the web-pages to Computer users when requested. Web server actually accepts and processes the requests that are sent via HTTP.

Question 7 :What is website?

Answer – Website is a collection of the formatted documents or webpages that can be easily accessed over Internet. Generally, websites are identified with the web addresses and domain names.

Question 8 :What do you mean by web hosting?

Answer – It refers to the service which provides space for the sites over Internet. The web hosting often enables the users site to be easily viewed by others via network or modem by making the space over its server.

Question 9 :What is the meaning of SERP in terms of SEO?

Answer – SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. It refers to a page which is often displayed when the specific search query is typed by users over search engine. SERP may also include some advertisements.

Question 10 :What do you know about indexing?

Answer – The indexing is a procedure gets started when crawling procedure gets over while performing search operation. The Google search engine uses crawling to gather pages relevant to create index and search the queries including search term, locations and specific keywords.

Question 11 :Crawling : What is it?

Answer – Web crawling or crawling refers to the automated process. With this process, search engine actually filtrate web-pages for the proper indexing. The crawlers often go through the web-pages, locate the relevant keyword, content as well as hyper-links and bring detail back to web server for indexing.

Question 12 :How many types of SEO are there?

Answer – SEO involves two types that is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Question 13 :Explain what is On-Page SEO?

Answer – On-Page SEO involves all actions performed by users within sites to get the more relevant traffic and higher ranking for search engine. This type of SEO is mainly related to optimization of content and HTML source code of webpage. The most common aspects of On-Page SEO involves meta title, meta description, meta tags, heading tags and many more.

Question 14 :What do you mean by off-page SEO?

Answer – Off-Page SEO is another type of SEO. It mainly refers to another aspects that capable to influence search ranking of the site on SERP. This type of SEO mainly refers to promotional activities including social media marketing, content marketing, link building and many more which is performed outside webpage boundaries in order to improve search ranking of webpage.

Question 15 :What is a keyword in aspects of SEO?

Answer – Keyword is actually a specific term which is used in SEO for searching through the search engines including Google to get the relevant outcomes according to the searched question.

Question 16 :What are the common tool used in SEO?

Answer – In SEO, there are several tools used by users but some of the common tools are : Google Analytics, Alexa, Google webmaster tools, Website grader, Open site explorer, Keyword Planner and many more.

Question 17 :What are the importance of Backlinks in SEO?

Answer – In SEO, backlinks plays a very crucial role which also known as an inbound link. These links are link for from other site to users preferable or specific site. Backlinks are too much crucial because some search engine like Bing, Google and many more give several credit to site that have excellent quality & relevant backlinks.

Question 18 :What are the advantages of link building in SEO?

Answer – Link building means making incoming links to site and it has lots of advantages in SEO including : increases the quality of web traffic from the relevant sites, puts your site on map, generate more traffic and income and many more.

Question 19 :What do you mean by SEO-friendly URL?

Answer – SEO-friendly URL or domain described page using keywords that are too much easy for both means system users and search engines to read. The SEO-friendly domain basically constitute the target keyword that have proper file structure and length.

Question 20 :What is the SEO-optimized Content?

Answer – The SEO optimized content denotes to any content format including video, text or image that optimized systemically by placing target keywords throughout the entire content means including in URLs, H tags, paragraphs or body parts, image alt text and many more.

Question 21 :What is keyword density and how can be measure?

Answer – Keyword density refers total number of times a phrase or keyword appears on website compared to total count of words on page. With the proper keyword density, you can easily rank your website on browser. The formula for finding keyword density is (total no of keyword*100)/(total no of words in your article).

Question 22 :What are the essential steps involve in implementing SEO?

Answer – There are several steps but the most essential are : Keyword research, writing of the unique content, competitor analysis, content promotion via several social media, content optimization with On-Page SEO practices, grabbing of high-authority links in natural manner, report analyzing from Analytics tool and many more.

Question 23 :What is the difference between Black Hat & White Hat SEO?

Answer – Black Hat SEO is a method to build link in the illegal way. This method doesn’t come under guidelines of the Google’s terms & conditions. Where as White Hat SEO is a white or legal way for link building which is specifically aligned with the terms & conditions of Google.

Question 24 :Define Google Adwords In SEO

Answer – In SEO, Google Adwords is the online advertising service offered by Google to help the marketers to reach over the customers instantly. The businesses using Google Adwords services to display the adverts and it’s advertising network on the Google. Basically, it allows businesses to set the budget for adverts and payments that happen after clicking on adverts.

Question 25 :Where you can use Keywords for excellent page ranking?

Answer – There are several key areas where you can easily use keywords to optimize the site ranking, some of them are site’s URL, title, meta tag, webpage content, headlines, body text etc.

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