Why Are Videos so Important?

Video is an engaging format of content and it is the most profitable tool in digital marketing. Users like it because it is entertaining, easy to access as well as engaging. On the other hand, marketers like it because it is can be shared on multiple platform and provide best return on investment (ROI). Another reason behind importance of videos is, it can be accessible to everyone with Internet access and search engine also prefer them because they take video as high quality content. So if you submit your website or content video on best video submitting sites, it work as wonder for SEO.

How Video Submission Sites Can be Beneficial?

If you want to build brand awareness, video submission sites are best way to do it. Being most engaging form of content or advertisement which can give you more data traffic as well as success rate. There are lots of high pr do follow video submission sites which help you get quality backlinks for your website. Today video submission sites are gaining more popularity because it also helps in increasing website ranking in search engine results. Also, best video submission website can help any business to bring lots of potential customers for their products as well as service.

To get more from video submission sites, it is necessary to follow a certain guideline. Below are some guideline which will help you to rank your videos:

  • Always include keywords in title as well as description of video
  • Make a catchy title because it increase click rate in search results
  • Categorize videos correctly according to niche of your business
  • Make the video embeddable and write a relevant description

Basically, there are three ways through which you can get backlinks for your website through video submission sites. You can create video and submit on sites, comment on existing videos including your link and creating profile on video submission sites with website link in it.

Do follow video submission sites

Do follow video submission sites are those sites that allow search engines to adhere an external link of website to crawl that website. High pr do follow video submission sites will be very helpful for the SEO of your website. SEO expert also recommend posting videos on Do follow video submission sites because it also increase the online presence of your website. Here you can see some other benefits of Do follow video submission sites :

  • Gives authority backlinks which gives your website a boost
  • Getting link from these sites drive more targeted visitors
  • build authority of website and also increase credibility

How video submission can enormously improve SEO Site Ranking?

There are lots of advantage of video submission from SEO point of view. Video submission is an off-page optimization part and it is considered as essential for SEO. There are lots of free video submission sites available on which you can submit your videos and increase chances of website to be on top of search results. Apart from that, some other important SEO benefits of video submission on high pr video submission platform 2019 are listed here,

  • For creating high quality backlinks, video submission is best method
  • Videos submitted on videos submission sites drive traffic to website
  • Research show that customer are more likely to link to the videos
  • If your video get viral, it can acquire more quality backlinks for you

 So these are the secret why SEO professional use video submission sites during their SEO practices.


Video submission is the best SEO strategy to increase presence of your website on Internet. In addition, video submission also provide you effective inbound link which is essential for more website traffic. If visitor likes your product or services through submitted videos, it can easily be converted into sale. Hence, if you sincerely follow SEO guideline while submitting your videos it can be helpful for generating lead for business.

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