This article includes top free Press Release submission sites list 2019-20. With the help of sites, you will definitely know how to present your press release in the portion of sites before submitting. These days, the Press release submission is one of the best and most conventional method of SEO because it conveys an extraordinary support to blogger in order to get the really decent search result in the result pages of search engine.

These days, a large portion of webmasters, blogger and SEO’s believe that Press Release has no effect on SEO and it is stale. But now, the submission of press release is the best method or approach to get the huge rank in Page and SERP rank. If you also want to increase the SERP and Page rank of your business then you must do online press release submission.

What is Press Release Submission?

Press release submission means submitting of news release provided by business or company. By sharing news to the press release submission sites, site often gets large number of traffic and sale in less time. In the SEO, it is very useful. The submission of press release distribution is available in 2 types means paid and free. But most of the people prefers the free press release submission sites list. Free press release submission sites helps people to do these actions :

  • Allow people to submit plain text content rather than the video, image or rick text file format.
  • Offers no-follow backlink to your site.
  • Helps people to get huge amount of traffic in no time.
  • Helps your business in contacting various impactful websites etc.

Tips on How To Write Press Release

Tips 1 : Write an excellent and suitable headline

The journalists often get hundreds of emails everyday but to make your press release stand out from crowd, you must required a catchy but the informative headline. You must keep your headline to less than 6 words and must ass a sub-heading to insure that it includes important data.

Tips 2 : Start Off The Right
In your press release, you must add state and city where the organization is situated. You must add a dash from there, you can easily go right into release.

Tips 3 : Use Right Style
You must write the press release as news story. While writing press release, you must keep your sentences simple and short and most importantly, you must focus on information and facts.

Tips 4 : Include The Contact Detail
If you want to make easy for reported to contact with you for more detail then you must add your email address, contact name, phone number and many more. Besides, you shouldn’t forget to include company’s twitter or Facebook page address.

Tips 5 : Remember Five Ws
The appropriate and effective press release to answer what, where, who, why and when related questions. The good press release must contains such an information.

Importance of PR in Terms of SEO

The concept of Press Release has been used in SEO to share the newsworthy content with the interested parties. It has been used to complement the existing SEO strategy which includes blogging, content marketing, social presence, blogger programs and many more. The free press release submission sites instant approval actually let people about the company and its products as well as services. By using the press release, anyone can easily increase their business as well as sales revenue and build the high-quality backlinks.

Benefits of Press Release

  • Helps for Advertising & Marketing.
  • Boosts SEO ranking for site.
  • Offers new opportunity to reach to targeted audience.
  • Helps to build a brand.
  • Build the natural link from the Outside sources.
  • Builds the solid relationship with the journalists.
  • Boosts effectiveness of marketing plan.
  • Increases the sales potential.