What is Article Submission in SEO?

Article submission is a technique of off-page SEO where an article is written for specific keyword and published on some third party website. It is a method to generate inbound links for website by writing articles related to business and add them to article submission sites or directories. Link which is generated by this SEO strategy are in the form of no-follow or do-follow backlink. Main purpose of article submission is to attract more and more visitor for your or client’s website in minimum time and less expense. If done correctly, article posting can drive lots of benefits to the site.

What Are The Benefits Of Article Submission In SEO?

There are many benefits of article submission and one of them is it help you to get quality links for your website. Links obtained through this method are one way and you don’t have to link your website to any other dubious website to get backlinks. Apart from that there are several other benefits of article submission in SEO, such as :

  • Improve online visibility : When you publish article on top article submission site, lots of user come across that article and link to your website.
  • Provide additional traffic : If article is submitted to do follow sites, it get listed in search result. As a result you will get more traffic from the listing.
  • Offer free advertising : Article submission directories work as free marketing media because you can include related to your services or products.
  • Boost website ranking : It provide quality links to website and which is valued by search engine. Hence, it is a sure way to improve site ranking.
  • Reach new customers : Submitting articles can also help you to reach new customer for your business from all over world.

Useful Tips To Write An Article For SEO

The sole purpose of article submission is to drive traffic to your website. But this link submission strategy will work only if you do it in a proper way.

Below are some information on how to submit article and if you follow them properly, you can make most out of article submission directories.

Steps For Article Submission In SEO 

  • First, you will require a directory submission list where you can submit your article. Then you have to register on it to create account.
  • Once you register on that specific website, click on the submit button. It will take you to article submission page. Call to action button may vary according to sites.
  • Now you have to fill the information asked in article submission form. Such detail may include category, keywords, author name, company name, place, time and date.
  • Then start writing article which you want to submit in the body. Don’t forget to add keyword which is related to your website.
  • Once you write the article, you have to click on submit to publish it on the article submission website.

SEO Articles, Whether Useful or Useless?

Many people have doubt whether article submission is useful or not. Well. writing articles and posting them on article directories is considered as an effective SEO practice. With the help of this strategy, you can get quick back links for your website which improve performance of website in search results. According to a report, after Panda and Penguin update Google update, article submissions is one of the practice which SEOs have added in their strategy.

During article submission process, you should follow some points which meets requirements of both your audience as well as search engine. Below are the points which you follow while writing article :

  • Your article must be original and rich of information
  • Article must have keywords but not excessive
  • Length of the article should between 500 to 700
  • Make unique title with main keyword into it
  • Make it easy to read by adding subheadings

Here are 50 Free article submission sites list 2019-20 :

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