What is forum posting sites?

Forum posting sites are the online platform where people share there views and discuss on any topic. In other words, forum posting sites are online discussion where people take part in it with their skills, doubt and advice. There are lots of best free forum submission sites available where you can take part in discussion about your website niche. With the help of these sites, one can get high quality backlink for website or blog. Forum submission sites are also important from SEO point of view because they are helpful in improving credibility as well as authority of a website.

Advantages of Guest & Forum Post

Guest post means writing blogs posts or article posts for someone else website. Guest posting is more than writing content for someone else website, you can also boost authority as well as recognition of your website. Guest posting also delivers numerous opportunities outside of helping other website to gain traffic. Here are some amazing benefits of guest posting :

  • Increase traffic and reach : By publishing your content frequently on several topics, you can expand your audience which automatically increase web traffic.
  • Offer SEO benefits : Guest posting not only gives your audience variety of viewpoints but also provide search engine lots of content to index which boost SEO.
  • Helps build authority : One of the best advantage of guest posting is other written content will appear on your blog and helps to make authority of your brand.

Disadvantages of forum posting

However, forum posting sites comes with lots of benefits such as providing your customer ability of interaction as well as discussion. But at the same time, these digital marketing forum posting sites have some disadvantages too, such as :

  • Some forum posting sites doesn’t allow you to include link in the discussion post. And you still include link, they will block you from further posting
  • You need to reply all the question asked in forum sites correctly to place your link. But anytime sites owner either remove your post or its link during moderation process.
  • Sometime it is hard to keep forum objective, because many people ask controversial question. It can create obstacle in discussion and make it hard to sustain objectivity.

Does Forum Posting help in improve the website DA?

According to SEO experts, forum posting are helpful in increasing DA of a website. The backlinks which these forum posting sites provide to your website is always Do follow which is really helpful in improving website DA. So with the help of forum posting sites 2019 provided here will increase DA and traffic of your website, as a result advertiser can contact you to promote their product or business on your site.

Can you get Do-follow Backlinks From Forum Posting sites?

Do-follow backlinks are very important for improving website ranking in search result page. The forum submission site list 2019 provided here can get you Do-follow backlink for your website easily. However, getting Do-follow backlinks on forum sites are not easy and to do that you need to use proper SEO technique as well as strategies. Here are some guideline using which you can get Do-follow backlinks from forum posting sites :

  • Avoid forum posting sites which has high spamming ratio because they can decrease authority of your website and you never get Do-follow backlinks.
  • Always follow guideline of the forum submission site because the author will only approve those post which fulfill their guideline.
  • Make sure to provide high quality and original content on your website because it is not easy to get do-follow backlinks with low quality content.


After reading about forum posting sites in detail, it can be said that it is one of the best tool through which you can increase search engine ranking of website. In addition, forum submission sites are also preferred by search engine crawlers and they can give direct lead to your website. So what are you waiting for, go through forum posting sites 2019 listed here and boost your website.