What Are Outbound Links In SEO?

Outbound links in SEO are also known as external links, which is used as direct visitors from pages on your website to other sites on the Internet. Unlike inbound links, which send visitors to other pages on your website, outbound links send visitors to entirely different sites. If any other website links to you, it is considered an outbound link. In other words, it can be said that Outbound links in SEO are those links that take you to direct to another website or specific webpage.

Should Outbound Links Be No-Follow?

No from the SEO point of view outbound links should not be Nofollow. As it is well known that Nofollow links should be a minority of your outbound links. Aside from all these aspects Nofollow links essentially break the chain between the site and the source you are sending people to. Outbound links are Nofollow can be useful, even valuable, in navigating some of the finer points of SEO algorithms, and general etiquette.

What Are Outbound Links In WordPress?

It can be said that Outbound links are the links that take users away from your website. Thus, these Outbound links could be links to affiliate products, social networks, or simply other websites that you have linked to from your website. Outbound links in WordPress to see which outbound links get the most clicks and are easily track. Outbound links most definitely matter for SEO point of view in WordPress sites. The Outbound link helps your neighbor, your supplier, your customer and of course, your visitor. So we strongly advised and believe that there is a good reason to have a check for them in our Yoast SEO plugin for Outbound links in WordPress!

Outbound Links Checker

Outbound links checker tool is designed to get you to know the number of outgoing links from your website. For example, if your site links to 5 internal pages of your own site and to 10 other pages on different sites, then totally it is considered as 15 outbound links for your website. Whenever search engine crawls your index page, these outbound links play a key part in boosting the rank of the page. Currently, the tool is designed to display the top 10 URLs for your entered domain in order to fetch the results of outbound links- whom you are linking to form your website. The tool is completely free to use and requires no registration or signup which makes the process quicker.

How To Add Outbound Links In WordPress?

To create or add outbound links in WordPress, the first thing you need to do is to click on the Link button in the visual editor. After doing so click on the insert link button, it will bring up a popup window. Thus, in the URL field, you will enter or add the actual hyperlink, and in the link text field, you will add the text that will be linked.

Yoast Outbound Links

The Yoast outbound links mainly check counts the number of links that have been added to your post or page. It counts No followed and followed links. In a manner to get a green bullet, you’ll have to add at least one followed link.

Inbound & Outbound Links

Inbound links are those links that are pointing to your website from other websites. It is also known as Backlinks. Outbound links are those links which are pointing to different websites from your websites.

Outbound Links Google Analytics

To do so you have to copy and paste the script below into your own pages to set up Event measurement for outbound links. Thus, you have to add this script in your page header, but not within the basic Analytics tag.

Should Outbound Links Be No-Follow?

Nofollow links do not pass PageRank. Therefore, using a Nofollow link means that the link won’t pass PageRank (a Google-only measurement of the quantity and quality of links) to another page. As many of the largest sites such as CNN, NFL now places Nofollow on all their outbound links.



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