What if I do a digital Marketing course and I don’t get a job?

Yes this is the question which is asked by many people and they have it in their mind.

Do you know what my reply will be? I would say that you are lucky that you don’t get a job.

I know many of you might be surprised and laugh.  I will explain it to you.

Digital Marketing companies never work on every module of Digital Marketing. Altogether there are more than 23 or 24 modules of Digital Marketing Course. Suppose if I also hire any employee for my Digital Marketing Company then I would prefer and hire employees as a content writer or a link builder, or a web designer or I will prefer such an employee who has and knows all these 3 qualifications. Maybe 2-3 more modules maximum on which my employees can work upon. But Digital Marketing is too vast a subject, there are altogether 23 or 24 modules in Digital Marketing Course. As a fresher when you have completed an entire Digital Marketing course and get a job in any Digital Marketing Company, you get an opportunity to work maximum on only 4-5 modules and remaining modules are not used.

But suppose if you do not get a job anywhere, then you are left with the only option to work for yourself. In that case you would make use of each and every module of Digital Marketing and apply all these modules when you work for yourself. You would create a website, would write content for your website, would design your website and use all marketing strategies such as social media optimization, Search Engine Optimization, marketing through facebook, linkedin marketing, Create and make videos on YouTube etc.. While performing all these activities you will definitely get vast experience which would have been never possible if you worked or joined a job as a fresher in any Digital Marketing Company. This is why I said that you are lucky if you don’t get a job. When you do not get a job then you would work for yourself. Maybe within 6-8 months you do not need to do any job and start your own Digital Marketing Company and hire employees and become a job provider. Suppose, let’s imagine that even someone fails while doing a job for themselves or their business fails. Even then also if you have worked on all modules of Digital Marketing then it means you have good knowledge and experience as compared to a fresher who would join some job  in Digital Marketing Company. So the Digital Marketing Company will prefer you as compared to freshers and also they will give you a better salary package as compared to freshers.

So you need not worry and have such negative thoughts that what if I do a Digital Marketing Course and I don’t get a job. If you have a good command on Digital Marketing Course, you are likely to get selected in 2-3 Job interviews in any of the Digital Marketing Companies. I did not mention the 1st Interview, why because there might be some questions which you can’t handle in your first attempt. However in the 2nd and 3rd interview you will definitely be able to handle those tricky questions and would easily crack a job interview. Believe me, there are various students in my Institute who have not yet completed the entire Digital Marketing Course but they have been selected for Digital Marketing jobs and placements. So I stress that even if you don’t get a job, you need to implement all the modules of the Digital Marketing course which you covered during the course and start your own work. Believe me if you do so, you wont need to do a job anywhere. So better makeup your mind to Study Digital Marketing Course and find a career in Digital Marketing. I have provided a link in the description part. Go through all the modules which are the Modules and if you have any doubts regarding them, do ask us and we will reply and clear all your doubts. So let’s meet in the next post. Thanks and Bye for now.