Why My Digital Marketing Campaign is Not Working? Friends this is my today’s topic and I am Neeraj Vijay an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer.

Lets analyze what is the problem in your Digital Marketing Campaign. You know everything about SEO, Social Media Optimization, tried all strategies to optimize your website but still its not performing well on Search Engine. The biggest factor for the poor performance of the site can be its content. Yes if we talk about Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing, Content plays an important role. The keyword which is targeted in the content, what is the competition rate and how the content is written. Whether it relates to users or not? Actually content is a very valuable part for ranking your website and for Digital marketing campaigns. The Primary keywords which are targeted or secondary keywords used in the content with long tail keywords, whether your site is appearing in the search results or not with those keywords? If it’s not appearing in search results or is not in rank then there might be a problem with your website content. It indicates that the content is poorly written and only it is keyword stuffed. So you need to change the entire content and get it written in such a way that it connects to the users well. The content should be written after it’s well researched and solve the problems of the users by providing some valuable information. So you need to check the quality of content whether it is poorly written or not.

2. Hosting: Hosting is also an important factor that might be responsible for ranking of the sites. Yes, if the hosting provider which you are using is not reliable enough, your site does take a long time to load or loading speed is slow, or the site is down most of the time then it will affect the ranking of websites. So you need to check with your hosting provider company. If your site is down most of the time, or its loading speed is not good then you must contact your hosting provider and discuss these aspects as it results and affects ranking. So you need to improve your Hosting if you want your sites to rank well.

3. Bad link profile: This is not the time now that you can rank your website by creating bad links. Old and outdated strategies such as excessive directory submissions, reciprocal links do not work and you cannot rely on them to get and rank your website. You always need to be updated and work on the latest strategy to create backlinks and good links for your website. Then only your site can rank. So you need to work on creating good backlinks. The best way is to check your Competitors site which are in rank related to your niche. Look and analyze their sites and extract their backlink reports. You need to create links on those sites where they have posted links to get backlinks. This will definitely work to get your site to rank.

4. ignoring Google updates. Yes every year Google roll backs its updates. You need to study them and ensure that your site follows these Google updates accordingly. If you follow and apply strategy according to Google and what it recommends then definitely your sites will rank well.

5. Bounce rate: It is also one of the contributing factors for ranking of the website for Digital Marketing campaigns. If visitors are coming to your site but the bounce rate is too high then it means that users are not finding anything interesting over there and are switching away from your website. The visitors are not staying or retaining on your website. Maybe the content or the purpose of users are not getting resolved and this is the reason why users are visiting but not staying on your site. So you need to take some action to minimize the bounce rate of the traffic and visitors.

6. Outdated SEO Strategy: IF you are using and working on poor SEO strategy then it is likely that your site will rank poorly on Search Engines. The on-page strategy, link profiles, keywords which are targeted, Titles, Description, whether H1 tag is used or not, sites used for creating backlinks all these are deciding factors for SEO. You need to analyze the sites which are on top on Search engine with the primary keywords related to your niche. You need to work according to your Competitors and what strategy they are following to rank on Google.

7. Social Media Optimization: In today’s time, Social media optimization is very necessary to rank on Google. You need to post regularly on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, create YouTube videos with the links of your website so that traffic can be generated from these Social Media platforms.

Also endure whether your website is Mobile optimized or not. If not you need to do and ensure that your website is mobile optimized. Also maybe your website is quite new and you are expecting it to rank very soon. This is not possible in SEO, you need to wait for 6 months to 1 year to get best results and your site to rank on Search Engine. So you have to keep patience. I hope my post is quite beneficial for you all. SO if you are new to the Digital Marketing segment, you can join and get benefited from our Digital Marketing Course from Zero To Hero 

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