Welcome friends How are you all? This is my 5th Video Post of the Website Auditing series.

If you have not watched our previous videos or posts, kindly go through it as it will be very beneficial for your website if you implement all the points that are dealt in my previous posts.

In this video we will discuss the Caching Plugin and What is a Caching Plugin? Why do we install it on our website? What are the benefits of Caching Plugin? So let’s begin our Tutorial.

First of all let us understand What is a Caching Plugin?

When we open any website, the request goes to the server. The server sends back data to your browser and the site opens on the browser. Problem arises when there are too many requests on the website server and it fails to provide the request and there is a queue. As a result website opening time gets slow and is delayed. So if any user visits your website and is unable to find it due to slow opening time, they simply close and exit from there. So now Cache Plugin can play an important role over here. If Cache Plugin is installed on your website then this plugin checks for the part or file exists or not when the website opening request is generated. If any file is already created, it will open a cached copy without generating any load on the website server or website database. To know more details visit blogging course in Patna.

So Cache Plugin increases the loading time of websites.

Let us understand it in a simple way. Suppose there is a homepage or any other page of your website which the user wants to visit, Cache Plug-in will create a file and save it as a Cache file and it will load that file without generating a request on Server. This increases the speed of the website to manifolds.

Drawbacks of Not Installing a Caching Plugin

What are the Side Effects?

So Cache plugin is most important and we have to install it on our WP website from Day 1.

When we talk about caching plugins, there are various components which must be considered.

  • The browser on which the website design is displayed

  • The web server which serves the web-page

  • The application which interacts with the web server whether your site is http or https.

  • The database server which retrieves the information from the database whether there are images, Photographs, JS, CSS file etc.

  • The actual database where the information is stored

  • Other assets that are loaded with the web-page.

So it’s not that only installing a Caching plugin will increase the speed of the website as you can see various components as discussed above. If you are using a good hosting provider, then these components can be managed by your hosting provider. But you should know about these components conceptually. Also read how to promote business even without a website.

Now let us see which Caching plugin should be used for increasing speed of your WordPress website. There are various free Caching Plugins which can be installed. Today we will discuss the W3 Total Caching Plugin. Let us see how to install it

This is the dashboard of the WP site. We will click on Plugins option and click on add new . You need to search W3 Total cache plugin. Now you need to install it and enable it. This will activate the plugin when enabled. Kindly do not change the default mode of the cache plugin. Page Cache should always be in enabled mode. Minify should be enabled only when not using cloudflare. IF using cloudflare, then it should be disabled. Database Cache it should be disabled if using CDN, Else it should be enabled. CDN is a Content Delivery Network. You can also Choose and set CDN. Now you need to save all the settings and this will save the settings of W3 Total Cache and it will increase the speed of your website greatly. I hope you must have understood the concept of Cache Plugin and why we should install it. If you have any queries related to this you can ask us in the comment section.

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