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As you must have seen our thumbnail and have known now that today in this video we are going to discuss ClickBots.

This is a very interesting topic as SEO has a very big community that believes if the CTR of your website is higher than its rank will increase.

What is ClickBots?

Before proceeding let us know What is CTR?

CTR Means Click through Rate. This CTR can be manipulated through ClickBots. Now what is ClickBots? We should understand what are Bots? Bots is a software which is designed to do any particular work repeatedly. The example of Bots can be Cleaning Robots which is used in our homes. Its work is to just clean the floor all the time. Similarly Bots can run in your browser or on your system as they are designed for the same. There are Bots which are designed to collect emails from various websites. Various Bots are created to collect website content from various websites. Also Google uses crawler or Bots which collects content from every website and updates it on Google’s cache. So Bots are not bad all the time they can also be used for good purposes and their work is to perform repetitive tasks and increase your efficiency.

Now let us come to our topic which is ClickBots. Now what does ClickBots do? ClickBots searches for any keywords on the browser. Suppose your keyword is Digital Marketing Course it will search it on Google. Suppose your website is ranked in 4th or 5th position, it will click on the website and open it. It will scroll pages and then close it. This activity will be performed repeatedly. So this will give a signal to Google that the site with keyword Digital Marketing Course on 4th Position is getting more number of clicks and it must be better than the top 3 sites above it. Now if a website is clicked repeatedly, this would supposedly increase the rank of your website as compared to 1st 3 sites which were in rank and above your website. Will this really improve organic ranking of websites?

This is a point to be Discussed on various Communities and forums. Many believe that it is not found to be true. But there are SEO Community which feels that it is effective. It needs to be implemented and tried to see whether it really works or not? I believe that in order to implement it you need to have a very large team and system to create ClickBots. Since you will be fooling Google and they have very big and efficient programmers and it’s not an easy thing to fool them.

This topic was also discussed on Reddit. Many users have commented that if Google would eventually know about ClickBots being used by any website, it will be penalized. What if suppose this strategy is used not on their site but on their competitors website so that it gets penalized. Ultimately your site will improve and rank above it. So I don’t believe that can be true. If you are to take my opinion, this is a black hat SEO and this should not be tried. Instead we should try only at that juncture when you have used all the strategies such as 100% SEO, unique quality of the content and created maximum number of links. If you feel that you have reached such a peak then only you should try to check this technique. If not, then you should improve the quality of the content and create more links for your website to improve the website’s rank instead of trying this Black Hat SEO of using ClickBots.

This was the topic which many users were looking for so I created this video. Do reply in the comment section about what you feel about Clickbots. Can it be used to improve ranking? Do like, share this video and subscribe to our channel. If you have any questions do ask us.

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