What Is Nofollow Backlinks?

Nofollow links are also links and they are counted as backlinks. But like dofollow links, they do not provide any link juice and also not affect the ranking of website in search engine. When it comes to ranking, only dofollow links are taken into consideration by search engine. So why use nofollow links? Well, nofollow links are not totally useless, because they give your potential visitors an opportunity to visit your website and expand awareness.

There are lots of nofollow backlinks sites which may help you to improve SEO of your website. Apart from that there are several other hidden benefits of the nofollow links, such as :

  • Getting nofollow link from relevant source boost website traffic
  • Nofollow links helps your website link look natural
  • Nofollow attributes also increase PA, DA and other metrics
  • Nofollow backlinks can also help website to gain authority

What Is Dofollow And Nofollow Backlinks?

In search engine optimization, there are two types of links, one is dofollow and other is nofollow. Both Dofollow and nofollow backlinks is necessary for making website rank better in search engine. For proper SEO of a website, one should know when and where to use Dofollow and nofollow links. So to understand when and where to use this links, it is necessary to know about them in detail.

What Dofollow means?

Dofollow backlinks are those links which allow Google (search engine) to follow it and reach the website. Dofollow not only provide backlinks but also gives link juice which is necessary to make both search engine and visitors to follow your website. Best way to give dofollow link is to make anchor text on the targeted keyword. By default, all hyper links are dofollow links, so you don’t have to do anything to make it Dofollow. Here is an example of Dofollow backlink :

<a href=”http://training.semsols.com/”>keyword</a>

What Nofollow means?

Like dofollow links, nofollow links do not allow bot of search engine to follow the link. It means, if a website is linking back to your website with nofollow attribute, it will not pass the link juice and Google also not transfer authority across these links. However weightage of rel nofollow SEO is really less but expert recommend to use nofollow link for those website where you don’t need to pass the link juice. Example of nofollow backlinks is given below:

<a href=”http://training.semsols.com” rel=”nofollow”>keyword</a>

How To Check Dofollow And Nofollow Links?

There are many extension and add-on which allow you to check whether the link is dofollow or nofollow. You can also check it manually with the help of following steps :

  • Select webpage to check Nofollow or Dofollow links
  • Right click on the webpage
  • Now click on the “View Page Source”
  • Press CTRL + F and type nofollow
  • All the links with nofollow get highlighted.

Nofollow links have their own value and that’s why the CMS giant WordPress also provide numerous nofollow link generator plug-in. But professional not recommend to make internal link as nofollow because through this way you can lose link juice. So if you have already installed nofollow link WordPress plugin then follow the given steps.

How To Fix Internal Nofollow Links WordPress?

  • First you have to install and activate nofollow plugin
  • Then you need to go to Settings option
  • After that click on Remove Nofollow to configure settings
  • Now click on Update option button to save settings.

With the help of above mentioned steps, you can easily remove rel=nofollow noindex link from WordPress post or page.

Are Wikipedia Links Nofollow?

Yes, recently Wikipedia has changed all its outbound links to nofollow attribute. It doesn’t matter where you are using Wikipedia dofollow link, it will become nofollow and not give you any type of credit from Google or other search engine. However it will not completely remove Spam on Wikipedia but it will reduce such activities.


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