What Is On Page SEO ?

SEO is all about optimizing website to make it appear in top of search engine results. Basically optimization of website involves two main steps namely on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO refers to all those activities which is used directly within the website to improve its position in search engine rankings. On-page SEO refers to all those steps which is taken directly within website to increase its position in search rankings. On page SEO steps include some basic tactics such as optimizing existing content, title or tag, meta description, alt tags, HTML code, keywords etc. .

On the other hand, off page SEO include those SEO factors which occurs out off the website. Main purpose of off page SEO is getting back links using different link building techniques for specific keywords. Off page SEO techniques include directory submission, one way link building, video submission, press release, eBook submission, blog post creation and submission, classified ad submission and more. For detailed information about on page SEO, you can read on page SEO Wikipedia.

Why Is On Page SEO Important?

On page SEO is one of the most important element determining the ranking of your website. On page SEO tells search engine about your website and that it should be at top of search engine results when you enter keyword in it. Professional digital marketer recommend about on page SEO services because it feed Google crawler all possible information about website which is crucial for ranking factor. Below are some best on page SEO checklist 2019 which you can use to improve SEO effectiveness of your website :

  • Your website must contain original and high quality content
  • Make SEO friendly URL, it will enhance visibility of webpage
  • Always include keyword in title while creating post for website
  • Use brand name, geo location or featured details in Meta description
  • Insert keyword as name of media files and also use descriptive tags

Whenever you create page or post for your website, you must include the above mentioned on page SEO techniques 2019. Through this way your website not only rank high in SERP’s but also stand out of your competitors.

How Can I Get Page 1 Rank In SEO?

Requirements of SEO keep changing, so if you want to get page 1 rank in search engine result, you must keep up with latest development. To keep yourself up to date about SEO changes, you can take help of on page SEO tutorial offered by some institute. Below are some essential SEO factors you required to dominate the search results :

  • Publish quality content : Quality content is considered as the best driver of search engine ranking. So make sure that your webpage has quality content and also use right keywords in it.
  • Use of Metadata : When designing your webpage, it is important to add meta data and you should always review or update it as your website changes over time. Don’t forget to use title meta data, description meta data and keyword meta data.
  • Link worthy site : Try to create relevant links within the text o your webpage. Instead of making links of “Click here” you should make link on your keyword or some relevant text.
  • Use alt tags : Make sure to describe your media files (image or video) using alt tags. Google has also image search feature which helps people to find your webpage or content through image.

What Are The Best On Page SEO Techniques?

If you want to increase ranking of your webpage on search engines, it is necessary to use right on page SEO techniques. Below are some best on page SEO techniques which you can incorporate in your website to increase its ranking :

  • Write engaging content and add relevant images with alt text
  • Always make use of internal links and external links on webpage
  • Use focused keyword in meta description and meta title
  • Your links must be no-opener, no-follow and no-referrer
  • Boost loading speed of your webpage in mobile and desktop
  • Make use of social sharing buttons in your webpage

While doing SEO of your post use the above mentioned on page SEO techniques. It will surely help your to improve ranking of webpage in search engine result.


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