Hello, How are you all? Kindly use Hand Sanitizers and remain safe. I am Neeraj Vijay an Entrepreneur and a Digital marketer. I have come up with a new topic: What to Do After Completing Digital Marketing Course? If you have completed your Digital Marketing Course, you might have a question in your mind how to proceed further or what should be the next call for action for your career goal. See basically there are two main options either you can go for a job or start your own business. It depends upon person to person. If someone feels that if it is not easy to find a job as a fresher then in that case they can start their own project and gain some knowledge. Also when they go for the job they have something which you can show as your project and results which you got after working on his own projects. On the other hand if you are of the opinion that you need to work in any Digital Marketing Company in order to learn and gain skills as a fresher and after getting an experience of 2-3 years in Digital Marketing Company then start up your own business after quitting the job. So you have both the options with you depending upon your perspectives and whichever way you prefer most. It depends totally on you. So let’s discuss both points as how you can grow your career if you want to start your own work as well as when you want to do a job after Digital Marketing Course.

First let us take the situation where you have completed a Digital Marketing Course and now want to start up your own work or business. The best way to implement this is to create a blog on your favorite subject or passion on which you can write on. When you will create a blog then you would design it, write content after researching it well, use that content on your free site or blog, would optimize it by doing Search Engine Optimization, also you will implement all the steps and process of Digital Marketing for your blog. Also you would register it on Google Webmasters so that you can see the growth. What are the various keywords that are drawing traffic on your blog, also you will come to know about errors and also index new pages on Google by submitting your blog or website on Google webmaster. You can also learn Google Analytics by implementing and applying Google Analytics for your blog. All these activities are very important for organic web ranking of any website. If you want to monetize your blog then you can go for Google Ads and facebook ads and learn how it works.

You can go for Social Media Optimization of your blog by creating social media pages and handles. You need to do organic listing and organic postings on Social media platforms so that it attains traffic which is present on Social platforms. Down the line gradually after 6 to 8 months or even it may take up to 1 year when your blog will start appearing on Search results and rank on Google. During this whole process maybe you start earning from your blog and you don’t need to do any job. Suppose even then you want to do a job, so you can easily show that you have your blog and have experience of working on your own project. This will give you an edge over freshers and you will be counted as an experienced one and will get better salary as compared to freshers who don’t have any experience. So you can earn and get a salary from your job as well as you will also get some earning from your own blog.

The second option is where you have completed a Digital Marketing course and want to join a job as a fresher. For this you need to prepare yourself well for the interview after completing Digital Marketing Course and face 2-3 interviews in Digital Marketing Companies. Definitely you will be selected. After getting a job, try to follow what your TL or your Senior colleague instructs you and do the task assigned to you in the proper way. Also try to follow practically how Digital Marketing Company actually works. If you work for 2-3 years with dedication obviously you will get to know about the entire process of how a Digital Marketing campaign actually works and it will give you an experience which you can implement and use for starting up your own business after quitting the job. Also you can start up your own agency, you can start with affiliate marketing, You can have your own e-commerce website, you can start as an Amazon Seller, or Flipkart Seller, you can opt drop shipping. Not only this there are other options also to run facebook and Google ads. It depends upon you what sector or which segment you want to work in for Digital Marketing as there are various verticals to work on.

So I hope this post must have given you some information on how to start and grow your career in Digital Marketing after learning Digital Marketing Course. These tips can be used depending upon your choice. If you join a job after a Digital Marketing Course you will start earning instantly but if you start your own work then it would take a time duration of 6 months to 1 year to see your growth. If you want to learn Digital Marketing Course then we have introduced our online Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero. This is a video course which you can learn by purchasing the course. You will get an unique id and password through which you can log in and start learning Digital Marketing Course having 23 modules chapter wise. We also provide weekly support where we come up live on every Saturday to clear all your doubts and queries which you have in the process of learning our course. We also have a private facebook group where you can post your queries and we will reply as mentors. So we provide mentor-ship. We also provide 1 month free Internship when you complete 80 % of Digital Marketing Course you would be eligible for free internship. We provide detailed videos on how to practically perform and implement the theory which you studied during the course. This will help you to complete a 30 days cycle to completely learn and implement Digital Marketing. You won’t get all these facilities in any of the other online video courses. So if you want to learn through an offline course, our Internship is just like an offline course and also its pricing is very less as compared to offline course.

So you can easily learn Digital Marketing and see the growth in your career. I hope my post will be really helpful for you. On concluding note I would request you all to use Sanitizers because you need to be safe from Coronavirus. I will be back with a new post. Thank You!