Do you want to know the reason why people fail in Online business? Yes let’s be clear the question is why do people fail in online business and not Online business is the failure. Since if the online business would have been a failure, no one would be making profits and generating revenues from online Business

So let me introduce myself. Hello, I am Piyush Jain, a Digital Marketer and into the business of Digital marketing since last 15 years. Apart from that I am also a Digital Marketing Mentor and providing consultancy services to my clients and customers.

Now let me share an experience of mine with you all as one of the students from my Digital marketing Internship batch asked me that he wanted to create an online business for himself. I was quite happy to know as the very objective of my Digital Marketing Course was to create online business and entrepreneurs. So I asked him what he wanted to do as an online business? He replied that he has a product and he wanted to promote and sell it online through facebook ads. He wanted to directly use facebook ads to take user traffic to payment gateway and sell his product. I said there is nothing wrong in that but what was his long term goal. He can sell his products to users through FB ads but this is a short term motive. Suppose if in future you want to sell another product then how and what will he do. Since he already sold his product to users and now has another product then how will the user come to know about the new product. For this there would arise a need to run facebook ads again. So I suggested to him it is better to have a personal website through which he can promote and sell his products. As it is quite easy to add more number of products and target and reach your customers or users.

Actually, I am narrating my experience as I don’t want you to make the same mistakes which I did when I started my career. So always go for long term goals and never prefer short term goals if you are into online business. Now in this video I will describe why people fail in Online Business. It’s not that people don’t want to create an online business or they don’t wish to earn online but the problem is that they don’t know how to do it. Generally people watch videos online and get inspired considering the fact that when someone else can earn through online business then why they can’t. But what they don’t realize is the amount of hard work and dedication that was invested by that successful person in online business. Now to be a successful entrepreneur you must have patience as well as systematic approach. Many of my students approached me as they showed keen interest to earn online. At that juncture I always counter question them that what is the sole objective behind creating online business. Is it your hobby or do you want to earn online and this is why you want to own an online business. If it’s because of a hobby then there must be a product which you need to target. On the other hand, for those who want to earn online so they must find a niche. They must have a niche where they can earn money easily. So this is my suggestion to every one or those who want to start an online business.

Also it is very important to be clear with answers to a few questions: what are your expectations or what do you expect from online business? How much time can you dedicate for online business? Will online business be part time? What do you think if you start up a business you will start earning in the next 3 months or next six months or maybe after a year. Have you allocated any marketing budget for your online business. These are the questions which I generally ask to my students or anyone who approaches me for online business. Most people are of the opinion that if they want to sell shoes online they need only an e-commerce site and start selling from day one. It’s not that easy. Google will not start sending traffic to your website straight away. It will not happen, this is a fact. You need to have and apply a proper marketing approach. You must tap different sources for online marketing. Such as facebook, you must know how to run a facebook ad, you must know how to run Google ads, linkedin ads, twitter ads. These are the things you need to know. However only running multiple ads on social platforms will also not work. The motive of running ads is to generate traffic and to bring that traffic to your website.

For this you need to measure and after that sales will be generated. But you must know how to analyze the traffic on your website. Actually if you are running ads on 3 different platforms and getting traffic only from linkedin it will not get converted into sales. This you need to know and you can know this through Google Analytics. So there are different components of Digital Marketing which you need to know and master on them. Try to understand if something which can be measured can be improved. So if you are not measuring things then I am sorry to say you are spending your marketing budget as well as time blindly in online business. You must analyze what and how much leads are converting into sales. So to know all these things you need to have a good concept of Google Analytics. To know all these things you have two options. Either login to YouTube and search for videos. I don’t mean that you want to find any related videos to the above modules. You would find but that won’t be a systematic approach to Digital Marketing.

The second option is to join our digital marketing course which has been systematically designed into 23 modules. And when you are completing each module of Our Digital Marketing Course you are actually creating a part of your business module wise. This is the best systematic approach through which anyone can follow and gain maximum out of it. I am sure if you join our Digital Marketing Course there would be very less chances of failure. So try our Digital Marketing Course and check out its different modules. If you have any questions related to Digital Marketing or regarding online marketing just ask me, I will answer your queries. Best of Luck !!



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