Hello Friends How are you? Are you safe in this Lock down? Stay protected and take care of your near and Dear ones. I am Neeraj Vijay an entrepreneur and Digital Marketer. Today I have come up with a topic: Why do people want to learn Digital Marketing but never practice it.

I am from the Digital Marketing Field and meet various people with the opinion that Digital Marketing is a very good field and has a great scope but they never practice or are able to take up Digital Marketing as their career due to certain issues. There are various reasons which I am going to discuss for taking up Digital Marketing and clearing all your doubts in case you have the same.

The first doubt people have in their mind is Digital Marketing is for the younger generation and not for the older generation.

For this I would suggest it is not found to be true. Yes, the younger generation are keen to Digital Marketing as a course since they want to take up Digital Marketing as their career and job. There is great demand and scope of jobs in the Digital Marketing sector so the younger generation definitely should opt Digital Marketing as their job, career and business.

Now as far as the old generation is concerned, there are broadly two categories, firstly those who have their existing business and second category are the people who want to start up their business. Of course Digital Marketing is one field which gives an opportunity for business startups as well as its growth. If you have an existing business you can easily grow your business through Digital Marketing. Also if you wish to start business from scratch then there is various scope to learn and use Digital Marketing by various verticals. Now lets see what verticals can be used to grow your business through Digital Marketing. You can create your own blog, create your business website, open your own Digital Marketing Agency and provide your services, freelancing, you can create e-commerce websites, you can try drop shipping business, you can do affiliate marketing, other than these you can become facebook ads expert. So these verticals will open up for you and will give an opportunity to grow your business. Also those who have existing business can use these mentioned options to grow and expand their business on digital platform manifolds. There is no criteria as such that Digital Marketing is only for the younger generation and not for the old generation. Anyone can use and apply Digital Marketing whether they are students, businessmen, Corporate houses, teachers, house wives. It is for anyone and everyone who is interested in Digital Marketing.

Second Doubt which people have is whether they should know English or should have good command over English language to know Digital Marketing?

To this I would say that English is just a medium to communicate just like any other language. Even if you are not so good in English then also or if you know Hindi then also you can learn Digital Marketing because there are only few terms which are used as English in Digital Marketing. Nowadays people are blogging or blogs can be written even in Hindi. As far as content writing is concerned, suppose if you join any Company there are content writers for that. Also if you wish to open a Digital Marketing Agency you can hire content writers and tell them the kind of content you need from them. It is not necessary that if you know English then you cannot excel in Digital Marketing. Language part is applicable only for content writing. There are various other modules of Digital Marketing where you can excel without English as a medium of language. You can be an expert in Search Engine Optimization, as paid ads expert. You can learn all techniques of Digital Marketing even if you don’t know English. So I would say it is not necessary that one cannot learn Digital Marketing if they don’t know English. This is the reason why many people want to learn Digital marketing but never practice it.

Third Doubt which people mostly have is that Digital Marketing is too technical?

See I would say that it is not so. There is hardly 5-10 % of Technical part in Digital Marketing. Even if you don’t know coding and want to design a website then you can use WordPress as CMS that requires no coding. Without Coding you can easily Design WordPress websites. So there is no technical part required. You only need to desire to learn Digital Marketing and dedicate your time sincerely to learn Digital Marketing. There is no technical required and anyone can learn it either they are from Technical background or non technical background. You can learn Digital Marketing and do a job in this field or you can start your own business.

Fourth Doubt people have in their mind is that SEO IS DEAD?

I came across many people or you might also have heard this notion that whether SEO is DEAD. I would say never , SEO can never be Dead. Whenever you search anything and list the top sites that appear on search result pages (SERP), how do they rank on Google, It is because of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You can ask any blogger about the amount of revenue he generates from blogs. When you search anything on Google Search Engine, first you get Ad results, then there are results for Google My business listings, below that there are organic search results as list of sites that rank on 1st page of Google. So I would suggest that one must learn Digital Marketing and SEO to know various aspects of it and never give up.

people have or complain that they don’t have time to learn Digital Marketing. I would say that if you don’t have time better then Don’t learn Digital Marketing and don’t complain that you wish to learn. If you want to learn Digital Marketing you have to manage and take some time out and learn new skills and update yourself. You can never grow your business or your job unless you don’t dedicate some time out to learn new skills. It is easy to say or criticize but when you try to take proper action on it then only you can know or achieve something in your life.

Fifth Doubt People have in mind that there is no career growth in Digital Marketing

I would like to clear out that There is much growth in Digital Marketing as compared to any other field. If you dedicate 3-4 years in Digital Marketing you can create your own online business empire. There is no other field where you get such an opportunity with minimum investment. If you gain good experience then you can work for yourself and start your own Company. Also if you are working as a Digital Marketer as a job in some company you are rated much higher than developer and designer by the Management. So the post of Digital Marketer is very valuable for any Company. If you join as an SEO Trainee, then you will become SEO Executive, SEO Manager and ultimately Digital Marketing Director. It depends upon your caliber. So if you really want to Learn Digital Marketing then you can definitely join this field.

So these were some doubts or queries which I wanted to clear and kindly let me know in the comment section how many of you now want to join Digital Marketing or learn Digital Marketing Course after reading this blog. If you want any guidance from me then also you can write. I will be happy to rely and clear your doubts. We have also started a Digital Marketing Video Course from ZERO To HERO. You can purchase that and learn Digital marketing by logging into that course. You will also get a free one month Internship. You Can purchase from the link provided in the description section. We also provide weekly online support and you can also join our private facebook group to know more about it. I hope you like this post. Thank You!


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