Why is Adapting to Online Learning Methods so important right now ?

As we know due to the current corona crisis now so many Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Professional Institutes have been shut now. Due to Shutting down of these educational Institutes the course has been hampered. Many students are waiting for the normalcy to restore so that they can resume their course or can join new courses. But we all know that the Corona crisis is not going to settle as of now. Even many of the Parents and Guardians are of the opinion even if Govt. give permission to reopen the Institute they won’t send their wards to Schools, colleges or other Educational Institutes unless and until Covid-19 infection does not get completely cured. They are going to wait till no more new cases are reported. To cope up with this current pandemic situation many Institutes have come up with their online courses. Some have come up with live classes, some have come up with recorded classes and many have lined up to bring their courses on an online platform.

But there are many students who are not ready to accept this new pattern of teaching platform. They are in favor of following the same old pattern of classroom course teaching. As a human tendency we are not ready to accept the change. This is quite natural. Let’s take an example. Suppose if there is an offline class conducted and 1 mentor is teaching a batch of 15 students. Do you feel that that mentor can give and devote equal time to all of them. May be if anyone of the students in that batch is unable to follow any point. He can ask again and again to clear the doubt which he has. But there are students who do not understand things unless it is not repeated time and again by the mentor.

Do you think that the Mentor will wait for each and every student and give extra time to cope up. No, the answer would be certainly not. The Mentor moves ahead with the topic and chapter and backlog gets created. So they lag behind. Suppose if these same kids were learning through online classes then such problems would not have arisen. As in online classes they could have easily replayed the video and could have understood. This way there doubt gets cleared. Now another factor is what people feel in classroom courses one can understand better due to one to one interaction between mentor and student. Even if some students feel any problem regarding any topic they can ask questions to the mentor. But this is even possible in online classes and it depends on the Institute. What kind of support your Institute provides. As we have introduced Technical support in our course as we have started a group where any student can ask questions and we as a mentor reply to them and clear all their doubts if any. Also in classroom courses, students do not get a chance to ask questions other than in Doubt clearing session which is conducted only once a week. By the end of the week there are so many backlogs created that unfortunately students fail to ask whatever doubts they had for the entire last week. But this is not the case with our online course.

If I talk about myself, I am Piyush Jain and have been into the business of Digital Marketing since last 15 years. Suppose if I would have thought to learn Digital marketing through a classroom course, I would not have learned Digital marketing. It would not have been possible. Whatever I have learned in Digital Marketing is through online. If i would have been location dependent so I would have never learned the skills of Digital Marketing which I know today. When you move towards a classroom course there are various sacrifices to be made. Firstly you become location dependent and select the best Institute which is either near to your home location or near to your office location. Or to such a location where one could reach easily. As a result you become location dependent and are left with the choice to select the best Institute in that specific location. This is not the case with online classroom courses. If you are learning online, you are location independent. You can select any course and the best mentor anywhere in the world for online learning. So you need to adapt to online learning methods because this change will definitely benefit us.

Let me introduce myself, I am Piyush Jain, a digital marketer and have my Own Digital Marketing Company as Semsols Technologies PVT. LTD and running it for the last 15 years. We have created a Digital Marketing course with the name Digital Marketing Course from Zero to Hero. This is a complete video course with in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing modules through structured videos. Altogether there are 23 modules with more than 208 videos. This is a lifetime course and its not that this course will end once you have completed it within 3 months. You can contact us even after the course and we will also keep updating the course from time to time. As a Digital Marketing Company we know that there are certain modules which need practicals. This is why we provide a free internship program after completion of the Digital Marketing Course. This Internship is of 30 days where you will get one activity right from Day 1 to Day 30. So you will get 30 activities in 30 days and you have to post that activity in our inner circle. This will practically let our students know how to achieve website ranking, how to build links, how to schedule posts on facebook. This all we will make you learn practically in an Internship program. We also provide support. As soon as you join the course and during the internship whatever doubts are, you can ask them and post in our inner circle group. We will reply to them as mentors. I have given the course link in the description. Let’s meet in the next post till then Bye.

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