Why is Online Video Course as Powerful As Offline ? Yes this is our today’s topic which I am going to discuss in this post. I am Neeraj Vijay an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer.

In this pandemic situation we cannot afford to move out from our home. Even if we have to go out we should move only if it’s very urgent and unavoidable. What do you think of any offline courses? In order to learn offline courses you need to go out and attend a classroom course which can be highly unsafe and you might end up in getting infected. So under such circumstances should you stop upgrading skills and learning new skills by learning online courses. Even if someone wishes to learn and upgrade skills they can during this lockdown period they can do it easily. Today I will focus on the topic of why Online Video courses are far better than offline courses. Most people feel that only offline courses are better to learn. But it is not so, the scenario has changed and even online courses are as powerful as offline courses. Let us discuss the benefits as to why and how learning online course can be better with these points.

# 1 Convenience

The biggest advantage with the online video course is convenience. Yes, you can learn online courses and can devote your time whenever you wish. If you are a student you can learn through online video courses and complete your course and get educated from the convenience of staying at home. If you are working, then also it provides more flexibility as you can go through and watch the course after your office or whatever time that suits you most. Convenience is the biggest factor which online video courses provide us as it gives in-depth knowledge. Even the minutest steps are covered while making a video by the mentors so that your concept regarding the module or that course gets cleared and you are able to understand the topic in a much better manner. Also if you are unable to grab any point you can replay the video and follow it as per your convenience.

# 2 Better Engagement

This is the second most advantage in video courses. Yes you get better understanding as you learn by playing the recorded video or through live video. You pay more attention to grab points in a step by step manner. It provides more flexibility as you can go through the videos from anywhere and it’s not location dependent. You don’t have such flexibility in offline classroom courses as you need to be present there at specific times. However learning or doing online video courses provides better flexibility and can be done whenever you are free.

# 3 Financial Benefits

Yes, you also get benefits of financial cost. The cost of an offline course is very high as compared to online courses. The cost or fee of an online course is ΒΌ of actual cost as compared to an offline course. So one can easily afford an online course and must learn the same skills which you would learn in a classroom course at a much cheaper rate. These were the benefits of online courses from flexibility and convenience point of view.

Apart from these, online courses make us and develop better personalities within us. Let’s find out how? If you do an online video course, you learn by yourself and you are likely to become independent. Yes you are not dependent on anyone. You tend to become more dedicated to learning skills. You become more responsible since you know you need to invest time and complete the course within a stipulated time period. So after knowing about all these concepts when you learn through video course and you become an active learner. You can also analyze yourself how much you have completed and learned through the course.

Online video course is quite detailed and structured as compared to an offline teaching course. Why? Because in an offline classroom course, the instructor teaches verbally and you are likely to miss some of the points due to lack of concentration or any distraction during the class. But it is not found to be so in online courses. In the video course, you get detailed steps of all the modules with lifetime access. You can replay and watch the steps as shown in the video as many times you wish. So this video course is quite in-depth and one can easily learn down the line it is going to be selling like a hot cake in days to come owing to its flexibility and pricing over offline courses.

Second point is that, you will also get support along with an online video course. It’s not that if you purchase any online course and you won’t get any support. Similarly we have introduced our Online Video Course in Digital Marketing as Digital Marketing Course from Zero To Hero. The biggest advantage is that we provide support on a weekly basis. When you purchase it and read it chapter wise, whatever problems you face during the course, we will clear weekly as we come up live on every Saturday and solve it online through one to one interaction. If you have any doubts or queries you can post in our private facebook group and we will reply to them as mentors. Also we provide a free 1 Month Internship as a bonus.

During the 30 days Internship program, you will be assigned a task which is to be performed day wise right from Day 1 to Day 30. You will get a video to understand what is to be done as a day wise task. You have to perform the task and submit it on our private facebook group. This will help in learning and implementing Digital Marketing practically. So this is a 30 days challenge to learn Digital Marketing with a complete set of videos. Also the course fee of Online Digital Marketing course from Zero to Hero is quite nominal as compared to our offline Digital Marketing course. So if you want to get guidance from us and learn our online Digital Marketing course then this is the right time for it. I hope now you must be clear how online courses are better as compared to offline courses. There is no point why you should not join Our Digital Marketing course Zero to Hero. It is clear by its name that even if you don’t know anything , you can learn and become an expert in Digital Marketing within 3 months. So on this note I am concluding my post. Let’s meet with the next post. Bye!