We all do that but what is the point in asking such question?

Now something more interesting aspect is that would you like to share posts or comment on facebook if it starts charging?

Will you continue to use facebook if you have to pay for the same? Isn’t it weird to read.

Yes, we know the answer to this question would be no or in negative by maximum users or visitors who use facebook for liking, sharing and commenting on this social platform. It is quite obvious why should one pay when the services are free. But do you know that Facebook is making huge profits by the likes, shares and comments which are done by its users. Actually the time which we spend on facebook makes it top social site or most visited website in the World. The content is presented in such a way on fb that it engages its visitors. Actually facebook is not free but we as its users are free and spending our precious time on facebook. Ultimately facebook is making lots of money every hour, minutes and seconds which is still counted on.

Actually facebook is making lot of revenues through ads which keeps appearing somewhere or the other on the fb page which common users don’t bother to notice often. Yes, facebook definitely charges for the ads posted every hour for websites, business or even some products which is being promoted using fb as social and business platform. This is why we mentioned that facebook is not free in every terms. So if you want to learn how to make use of such ads on facebook, or earn through fb and take your business to top, then probably you should join Digital Marketing Course in Patna which has several modules including facebook marketing and promotion by ads.

Actually through Digital marketing course in Patna you will come to know how a company make use of Technology and Internet in making profits. How can one become a successful entrepreneur and bring their business to top. So if you are a professional, entrepreneurs, students or freshers from any stream, you can make use of this versatile Digital Marketing course.

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